Senior Programs

Department of Recreation: Office for the Aging / Mount Vernon Senior Program (at the Doles)

The City of Mount Vernon, New York, Richard Thomas, Mayor, Mount Vernon Department of Recreation: Darren M. Morton, Ed.D., Commissioner, Diane Atkins, MPA, Deputy Commissioner, Office for the Aging: Geraldine Christiana, Director and Mount Vernon Senior Program (at-the-Doles): Eulahlee Myers, Recreation Leader

invite Mt. Vernon Seniors to enroll in the


Monday – Thursday

First Session: 10:30am – Noon … Second Session: 12:30pm – 2:30pm

At the: Armory, 144 North 5th Avenue & Doles, 250 South 6th Avenue

REGISTER TODAY: 914-665-2315

THOMAS 2016 - Aging - Computer Classes