Memorial Field Playbook

Comprehensive Update on Memorial Field

Everyone in Mount Vernon has a Memorial Field story. The Field has always been our community space. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents use to watch young people run around the track; grab hot dogs from the concession stand; play football and soccer and fly kites. Cheerleaders used to cheer on sports teams. High school students graduated from here, marching on the Field as they entered adulthood.

Mount Vernon formed many bonds at Memorial Field over the years. Built in 1930, Memorial Field was, in essence, our Yankee Stadium. It has over twelve acres of land, is accessible right from a major highway, and sits at the intersection of Sandford Boulevard and Garden Avenue.

During its glory years, Memorial Field saw the likes of The Jackson 5 and Nina Simone perform, the “Mean Joe Green” Super Bowl Commercial filmed on - site, and Mount Vernon’s own Dick Clark entertain the crowds.

For decades, Memorial Field was a major commercial and cultural hub and was the pride of Mount Vernon. It used to be the city’s preeminent venue for major concerts, intense sports competitions, and graduation ceremonies for Mount Vernon High School Memorial Field was a place where character was built, dreams were realized, and victories achieved.

Unfortunately, in recent years it has succumbed to criminal activity and fallen into disrepair, having become a site for illegal and toxic dumping. While we know that those who sought to destroy our field will be brought to justice someday, we must take bold and immediate steps to commence with a comprehensive restoration and revitalization of our treasured, iconic stadium.


  • In 2008, the City of Mount Vernon and Westchester County entered into an Inter-Municipal Agreement. This Agreement is the basis for the continued collaboration with the County. The IMA details the city’s obligation to build an 8-lane track. Additionally, there is a completed SEQRassociated with the project which details the potential environmental impact of the project. (revisedamended)
  • Past administrations spent millions on the Field yet still our beloved park remains closed.


November 2017 Powerpoint


Environmental Concern

Dirt was dumped. DEC signed a consent order, which is a legal document containing New York State directives to the city. It lays out the steps we must follow and the consequences if we don’t:

2017 DEC Letter

2018 DEC Letter

Legal Documents 

  • Click hereto read all City Council authorization for work at Memorial Field, dating back to 2009.

Mayor Thomas Correspondence

  • In 2016, Mayor Thomas issued a “playbook” that detailed the administration’s plans:
  • Memorial Field Playbook

Behind The Scenes 

Despite the obstacles, the administration continues to move forward:


  1. Approved Ordinances
  2. Inter-Municipal Agreement
  3. Design and Filing Documents
    1. Design Options
    2. SEQR Files
      1. Full EAF
      2. Revised Negative Declaration
      3. Amended Negative Declaration
  4. Financial Payments and Summary
    1. Expense Summary

Other Documents 

Engineering Bubble Report - Arcadis

July 2017 letter from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation informing city they must dig test pits under tennis courts

Memorial Field Presentation - November 1, 2017

Memorial Field Storyboards

Memorial Field Master Plan

NYS DEC Consent Order