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"When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion."

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The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City of Mount Vernon. The person holding this office has the responsibility of overseeing the operation of city departments.

The mayor is chosen by a citywide election for a four-year term. The Mayor has a leadership role in budget-making, authority to organize and reorganize administrative agencies and to appoint and remove their heads, and a strong veto. The Comptroller, elected on a citywide basis for a four-year term, recommends financial policies and advises the Mayor and the City Council in the preparation of the budget.

How Government Works
Legislative authority is vested in the City Council, made up of 5 members, who are elected for four-year terms. The presiding officer is the Council President. He or she is elected for a one-year term at the statutory meeting of the City Council (first public meeting of the year). The Council President is the spokesperson for the City Council and appoints the heads of the various Council committees to one-year terms. The Council introduces and enacts all laws and approves the budget and it can override a mayoral veto by a vote of four-fifths of all the members.

Board of Estimate and Contract Meetings
As the Office of Records Management, the City Clerk’s Office is involved with many aspects of city government including the City Council, our legislative body, and The Board of Estimate and Contract, which approves city expenditures.

The City Clerk’s Office is also known as the Licensing Bureau. Over 91 different types of City and New York State licenses and permits are issued to individuals and businesses. In addition, Primary and General Elections for the City of Mount Vernon are coordinated by the City Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk, as Registrar, is responsible for maintaining Mount Vernon’s Birth and Death Records.

The Board of Estimate and Contract is the arm of local government that grants approval for spending that is not within the jurisdiction of members of the electorate separately. The Board is composed of the Mayor, the Comptroller and the President of the City Council. In order for expenditures to be approved by the Board of Estimate and Contract it must be passed by a majority of members. Legislation is then enacted authorizing the expenditure. The Board of Estimate and Contract convenes following meetings of the City Council.

Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard is an MVHS alumnus and esteemed graduate of Howard University School of Social Work, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Hunter College where she earned a Master’s in Public Administration and Urban/Community Development.  Mayor Patterson-Howard has served as a trailblazer in the not for profit and government sectors for the past 25 years. While widely known for her groundbreaking work in HIV/AIDS, public health, criminal justice, education, housing, and urban development, Mayor Patterson-Howard has developed strong relationships with government and cross-sector leaders on a local, state and national level. As a “connector” she has always maintained a strong focus on developing systemic solutions that will address the complex social determinants that have plagued our communities for decades.  She passionately works with her staff and community partners to create continuums of service and innovative public/private partnerships to serve those who have been marginalized, disenfranchised, and are oftentimes voiceless. Mayor Patterson-Howard’s favorite African Proverb is, “When spider webs unite, we can tie up a lion,” or as we say in the Y, we are “Better Together.”

As Executive Director for the Mount Vernon, New York, Family YMCA from 2004 through 2009, and the first woman and person of color appointed President and Chief Executive Officer for the Yonkers Family YMCA in New York. Shawyn focused on programs that highlight “Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.”  From afterschool programming, youth employment and training, college preparation, access and completion, adult education, water safety programs, senior services, and residential housing to gang intervention and violence prevention, prisoner reintegration, health and wellness, community nutrition and feeding programs, boxing, AmeriCorps, service-learning and video production, Shawyn and her staff looked for new and innovative ways to develop partnerships to serve the community.

Mayor Patterson-Howard, returned to Mount Vernon in 2016 to serve as the Commissioner of Planning and Community Development and the Executive Director of the Urban Renewal Agency (URA).  Under Shawyn’s leadership, the Urban Renewal Agency secured funding to launch a Zombie Home elimination initiative, Fourth Avenue Redevelopment Study, New York State Economic Development Council funding for Memorial Field, Mount Vernon’s aging sewers and a cultural arts district.

On November 5, 2019, Mayor Patterson-Howard was elected the first female mayor in the history of the City of Mount Vernon, and the first woman of color elected mayor in Westchester County. Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard's focus has been on strengthening the local community and using her relationships on the city, county, state and federal levels to bolster Mount Vernon and restore trust in the city’s leadership.

Aside from her formal employment,

Shawyn is the honored wife of Marvin Howard and mother of Nia.  She is delighted to continue her family’s hundred-year plus legacy of service to the community of Mount Vernon.

Executive Staff

Dr. Darren M. Morton

Chief of Staff

"Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed." - Hyrum W. Smith

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Special Assistant

Kaliah Evans

Executive Assistant & Scheduler

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Administrative Secretary