Veterans Service Agency

The Mount Vernon Veteran Service Agency (VSA) established in 1945 has a rich history of assisting veterans and their families in times of both war and peace. The VSA under the direction of Director Kristyn Briez Vanderberg-Reed works with the advisement of the appointed Central Committee for Veteran Affairs (CCVA) a respected group of former service members~ to perform the mission outlined so many years ago in Mt. Vernon’s City Charter (Chapter 70).The mission of the VSA has evolved from solely disseminating information concerning benefits, rights, and privileges to assisting veterans, spouses, and dependents in obtaining benefits and entitlements on the local, state, and federal levels. To accomplish this mission the Agency adopts procedures recommended by the state Director of Veterans Affairs and utilizes the facilities, assistance, and data made available by New York State Veteran Services Offices.The Veteran Service Agency also coordinates the City’s Annual Memorial Day Parade, actively participates in the Independence Day Celebration, organizes the Annual Veterans Day Ceremony, and hosts monthly meetings with the CCVA. Together the VSA and CCVA are also the designated caretakers for the Mt. Vernon City Hall Memorial Room which houses military memorabilia from every major conflict.The VSA maintains a centrally located office on the ground floor of Mt. Vernon City Hall in room #4, open 8:30-4:30 on all city workdays. When you visit, we pledge to treat you with courtesy, compassion, and respect at all times; communicate with you accurately and clearly; provide timely service to you; and fully answer your questions, concerns, and complaints. There are never any costs for our services.Women Veterans HealthThe Women Veterans Health Strategic Health Care Group promotes the health, welfare and dignity of women veterans and their families by ensuring access to timely, sensitive, quality health care. Go to The United States Department of Veterans Affairs for more information.The Women Veterans Health Strategic Health Care Group is part of the Office of Public Health and Enviromental Hazards (OPHEH).

Veterans Exemption Application