Police Department Divisions

Detective Division

Internal Affairs


Patrol Division

Support Services


Detective Division

  • Captain Anthony McEachin, Commanding Officer
  • Sergeant Vincent Stufano, Executive Officer

The Detective Division is responsible for investigating and detecting crime within the City of Mount Vernon. Criminal activity that is first reported to the Patrol Division is forwarded to the Detective Division for investigative follow-up, which often requires identification of a suspect and their subsequent apprehension. Additionally, the Detective Division proactively initiates investigations into criminal activity that may otherwise remain unreported to the police. Investigations of this kind often culminate with the execution of a court ordered search warrant and the recovery of contraband, which may include illegally possessed handguns, narcotics, or stolen property.

The reach of the Detective Division extends beyond the borders of Mount Vernon. Locating and extraditing fugitives in foreign lands for serious offenses is a task undertaken by detectives. It is not unusual for investigations to bring detectives outside of New York State and even beyond the borders of the United States. Arrest warrants for a host of criminal offenses, as well as Family Court arrest warrants, are also forwarded to the Detective Division for detectives to locate and arrest the named fugitives in the warrants.

A collaborative model has been utilized by the Detective Division to successfully investigate crime, forming partnerships with neighboring local law enforcement agencies, as well as with The Drug Enforcement Administration, The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and international law enforcement organizations.

The Youth Unit is part of the Detective Division, and is responsible for the administration of the Department’s Internal Affairs Section. Additionally, the Division is tasked with establishing community and youth orientated outreach initiatives in an effort to foster a positive relationship with local citizens.

Patrol Division

  • Lieutenant Jose Quinoy, Commanding Officer
  • Sergeant Gregory Addison, Operations Officer

The Patrol Division provides twenty four hour general police services.  The Division consists of a number of Patrol Squads, the Emergency Service Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit, Patrol Task Force, K-9 Unit and the Operations Section.  Patrol Squads consists of Civilian Communications Specialists, Police Officers and Sergeants who function as Patrol Supervisors.  Each squad is Commanded by a Lieutenant.  The squads provide around the clock general police services acting as first responders on all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency and enforcing all applicable laws.

The Emergency Service Unit is a full time unit providing specialized police services 24/7.  Members of the Emergency Service Unit are highly trained in specialized weapons as well as rescue techniques.  The Unit supplements the Patrol Squads providing specialized services.  Some of the functions that the Unit performs are extrications at motor vehicle accident scenes, dealing with emotionally disturbed persons, searches for armed perpetrators and High Risk Search Warrant entries.

The Traffic Unit provides both proactive and educational enforcement of Vehicle and Traffic laws.  The members of the unit also perform inspections of all City licensed taxi cabs, enforce State and Federal commercial vehicle statutes and work with the Department of Environmental to ensure that auto repair shops are in compliance of with environmental regulations.

The K-9 unit is presently staffed by three Police Officers and their K-9 partners.  The K-9 teams are each trained in missing person searches, suspect searches, search and recovery missions, narcotics detection and support the daily activities of the Patrol Squads.

MVPD MotorcycleThe Patrol Task Force, a citywide unit, functioning in areas that generate complaints of quality of life offenses as well as enforcement of all applicable laws.  The hours of the Unit vary in order to address changing crime patterns and patrol initiatives.

The Operations Section performs all administrative functions of the Division including scheduling, formulating operational plans for events that require a police presence and directing police services to areas on an as needed basis.

Internal Affairs Unit

  • Lieutenant Robert Scott, Commanding Officer
  • Detective Alec Francis

Complaining About The Actions Of A Mount Vernon Police Employee

In most instances, we believe Mount Vernon Police Department Employees work in partnership with citizens and that our contacts with them are positive. To insure we function efficiently while maintaining the rights of the citizens we protect, our employees are trained to follow a series of policies and procedures, and to work within the guidelines of local, state, and federal laws. Because of the nature of law enforcement, we also understand that citizens on occasion may object to the actions of the police, or may feel their conduct is inappropriate.

As a citizen, you are encouraged to contact the Police Department if you have a complaint about the actions of an employee if you believe their conduct was inappropriate or that they have violated the law. The staff of the Internal Affairs Unit can answer questions about actions of employees, initiate a complaint against an employee, and conduct investigations of police conduct. Although we encourage citizens to report police misconduct, complaints must be made in good faith. False or highly exaggerated complaints serve no good purpose for either the citizens or the employee and only tend to thwart our complaint-taking process. The information that you provide pertaining to complaints will be treated with strict confidence.

How To File A Complaint

To initiate a complaint, you may contact the Internal Affairs Unit. The Internal Affairs Unit is open Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and is located at 2 Roosevelt Square North, Mount Vernon, NY 10550. They may be reached by telephone at (914) 665-2599, fax at 914-663-4307, or email at IAB@pd.cmvny.com.

You may also download an employee complaint form from this website. A Spanish version of the form is also available. If you choose to download the complaint form, please include as much detail as possible, including the date, time, and location of the incident, the identities of the officer(s) involved if known, and a statement of the circumstances surrounding your complaint. You should also include your name and a telephone number so an investigator may contact you if further information or clarification is needed. You may file your complaint anonymously, but for us to conduct a thorough investigation your assistance may be necessary.

How To Thank A Mount Vernon Police Employee

MVPD Patrol CarBy the same token, many times Police Department Employees perform their duties in an outstanding manner, which in most instances is not mentioned or reported. If you have occasion to observe an outstanding act or service by an employee and feel the action should be noted, feel free to tell the employee or their supervisor of your comments. You are also encouraged to send a letter to the Police Commissioner’s office expressing your feelings. You may also download an employee commendation form from this website. A Spanish version of the form is also available.

Support Services Division

  • Lieutenant Marcel Olifiers, Commanding Officer
  • Sergeant Charlotte Neal-Young, Executive Officer

The Support Services Division, which is located on the first floor of the Mayor Ronald Blackwood Police/Court Facility, enhances the delivery of police services to the community by supplementing the patrol and investigative functions. It is comprised of various support units, its service window is easily accessible to the public from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.