Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems, better known as GIS, is a digital mapping program that will replace the use of paper maps. GIS will be an asset to the city and Internet users who need parcel information about Mount Vernon.

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The difference between paper and digital mapping is easily gauged by the information provided and the ease of retrieving information. A database provides information that is shown only if the user chooses to view it. Information provided on the map sits on a layer that the user turns on or off according to the information the user is requesting.

The GIS user will quickly and easily retrieve detailed information about sites in Mount Vernon. The power of GIS mapping over paper mapping is the program’s ability to select information needed according to the goal the user is trying to achieve. For example, how long a street is or how many square feet a park occupies. Users will be able to view streets located in the city or identify the location of sewage lines, to name a few, because of the program’s use of layers to store and provide information.

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Maps & Documents

Mount Vernon City Map

Mount Vernon Streets Map

City Parks Map

Downtown Mount Vernon Buildout Map

Parcel Based Zoning Map (2012)

URP Buffer Map Land Use

URP Buffer Map Zoning

CDBG 2011 Target Areas Map (2 pages)

CDBG 2010 Low Mod Areas Map

CDBG 2012 Target Areas Map

Comprehensive Plan Map


GIS Data

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  Shapefile Google Earth

Parcel Based Land Use
(Provided by Westchester County Dept. of Planning)


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Land Use (based on Westchester County GIS data)



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