Fire Department

The Fire Department has the primary task of providing adequate fire protection and fire extinguishment capability, initiating life rescue, rendering emergency medical assistance, controlling hazardous material situations, and providing related emergency services. The Fire Department has the responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the fire prevention code and the housing code, and for promoting fire prevention activities designed to reduce the incidence and probability of fire.

The Charter of the City of Mount Vernon imposes upon the Fire Department the following major functions:


The saving of lives and property

The suppression and control of fires

Providing related emergency services


Fire Axe

Administration and Enforcement of applicable portions of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code policies in the form of reasonable guidelines are necessary for the proper operations of any organization. Such policies must be standardized in a workable, readable format and made available to all levels of the organization.

The FDMV Firehouses

470 E Lincoln Ave

435 S Fulton Ave

50 W 3rd St

9-11 Oak St


Inspection of Fuel Oil Burner Installation

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After eight years of blight, the burned out building located at 456 South 1st Avenue and three others is set to be demolished on Monday, November 12, 2012. “Everything is finally in place to rid the city of these blighted properties littering their neighborhoods”, said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. The city’s Building Department has finally […]

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Power Up for Almost Everyone – 11/10/2012

As of this morning, 162 customers are still without power.  Con Edison crews are working on 2 main areas of concern: Hutchinson Boulevard Area – Some homes along Hutchinson Boulevard and Hillcrest Road are still experiencing power outage. Work at an intersection to replace a pole is expected to commence and power will hopefully be […]

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Work commenced today to complete restoration of service to Mount Vernon Con Edison customers. Currently over 99% of service has been restored. Some customers still remain without service. Con Edison assures us that every attempt will be made to get remaining customers up and running this weekend. Customers are reminded that service cannot be restored […]

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Lights Coming Back On Across the City – 11/8/2012

Priority jobs are wrapping up and now Con Edison can focus attention on addressing single service issues which continue to keep some cutomers in the dark. Last evening’s unexpected nor’easter did not impede the progress of restoration although 2 trees fell last night and countless wires were hanging low this morning from the weight of wet snow. There […]

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Power Now 95% Restored – Con Edison has focused its energies today on restoration to the following locations: Ehrbar Avenue – Work ongoing Rochelle Terrace/Hartley Avenue – Restored Prospect/East Sidney/Darwood Avenues – Restored North 8th Avenue –  Restored Sandford Boulevard – Restored Some customers may experience service restoration as crews begin to address single service […]

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