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Damani Bush

Commissioner of Public Works

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Damani Bush currently serves as Commissioner for the City of Mount Vernon Department of Public Works. He was appointed to this position by Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard in August 2020.

As Commissioner, Mr. Bush is responsible for all personnel within the department including, but not limited to day-to-day maintenance of the City’s infrastructure services, sanitation, street maintenance, city storm and sanitary sewer operations, and emergency response for snow and ice, flooding, severe weather conditions. He oversees the Bureaus of Sanitation, Street Cleaning, Highway Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Control, Parks, Engineering, Sewers & Stormwater Management, Street Lighting, and Traffic.

Commissioner Bush supervises a staff of 129 men and women and is responsible for a $16 million operation budget.


The Department Of Public Words is divided into operating units under the supervision of the Commissioner of Public Works. Each unit is responsible for all matters falling under their respective jurisdiction:

Curtis Woods, City Engineer

This Bureau has jurisdiction over land surveying, making borings, drafting, designing, and preparation of maps, and diagrams relating to the City of Mount Vernon. In accordance with the Code of the City of Mount Vernon, permits are issued through the Department of Public Works.

Giovanni Montemarano, Parks Supervisor

The planting, preservation and care of shade trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns in all public parks, recreation facilities, streets, avenues and public places in the city are done by the Bureau.

Steve Dandridge, Sanitation Foreman

Dwayne Jones, Sanitation Foreman

Lawrence “Brick” Lee, Sanitation Foreman

Ray Rodgers, Sanitation Foreman

Garth “Gary” Rowell, Sanitation Foreman

Responsible for garbage, rubbish, recycling and yard waste collection, as well as code enforcement.

Clifford Johnson, Sweeper Foreman

Responsible for clearing all the debris and leaves along the curb lines of all City streets.

Maintains approximately 100 miles of local streets and roads; 180 miles of sidewalks; and 15 bridges throughout the City.

Neil “Chuck” Carretta, Building Maintenance Supervisor

This Bureau is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all City-owned buildings.

Vincent Rodriquez, Acting Garage Superintendent

Having jurisdiction over the repair, maintenance, fueling, servicing and inspection of all rolling stock and vehicles owned by the City of Mount Vernon, the Bureau of Motor Vehicle Control keeps city vehicles moving. Approximately 100 rolling stock/vehicles are inventoried and assigned for use by the various departments, bureaus, officers, and employees of the city.

Ramone Bennett, Acting Sewer Foreman

This division cleans, maintains, and manages repairs on hundreds of miles of storm and sanitary sewer lines, over 3,000 catch-basins, and 3,000 manholes City-wide. The Sewer Bureau is also responsible for executing the City’s Storm Water Management Pollution Prevention Program through inspection, monitoring, enforcement, and correction of sources of illicit discharge to our storm sewer system and waterways. They must be in accordance with our commitments to the USEPA, NYSDEC and US Department of Justice regarding compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act and New York State Environmental Laws

Aaron Lewis, Streetlight Maintainer

The installation of new street lighting equipment, the inspection of street lighting equipment to determine the need for replacement or repairs, and the general upkeep and maintenance of street lighting equipment are the primary functions of this bureau. There are approximately five thousand (5,000) streetlights in the City of Mount Vernon.

Harold Wimbush, Traffic Supervisor

Christopher Piarulli

This Bureau is responsible for painting traffic lines and pedestrian crosswalk lines on City streets. They replace and repair all street signs, repair and replace traffic lights and keep all the parking garages and lots clean.

Permit Requirements

Street-Sidewalk Opening – View Here

Street-Sidewalk Obstruction – View Here

Sidewalk Repair – View Here

Scaffolding-Sidewalk Bridge – View Here

Dumpster – View Here

Curb Lowering – View Here


Accepted forms of payment:

  • Certified Check made payable to “The City of Mount Vernon”
  • Money Order made payable to “The City of Mount Vernon”
  • Credit or Debit Card (3.5% fee)
  • Cash


Permit Application

DPW Permit Application – Download Here

DPW Crane Permit Application – Download Here

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Complaints: 914-665-2465

24-Hour / Emergency: 914-665-2719

Commissioner’s Office (Business Hours Only): 914-665-2343