Civil Service

The Department of Civil Service maintains all civil service employee records for City Hall, Mount Vernon Public Library, Mount Vernon Housing Authority and the Board of Education.

The Civil Service Commission is composed of three members appointed by the Mayor with six-year terms of office. The Commission President serves a term of one year and is the head of the local Civil Service Commission. The office, staffed by the Commission Secretary and Senior Typist, is open during business hours and handles requests for applications, information and assistance regarding civil service.

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The Civil Service Commission is required to follow the rules governing civil service matters and fills position openings through procedures established by New York State Municipal Civil Service Division to ensure competitiveness and fairness in hiring.

Examinations are usually held to fill open positions. Candidates are tested for particular qualifications relating to Civil Service job titles. This is called “merit and fitness” to hold the position. After the exam is given an “eligible list” is established for each position tested that ranks persons who pass the test by order of their written score. Sometimes additional tests are given from particular jobs. These scores are also included in the overall ranking of a “candidate.”

Civil Service Law requires the City of Mount Vernon to review the top three scorers, a procedure known as the One-in-Three rule. A certified list can remain active for one year but can be extended at the request of a Department Head or Commissioner of a city department. There are some positions within the city that do not require persons holding the jobs to take tests. These positions usually require special skills that make recruitment and/or testing difficult.

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What is the process for applying for a Civil Service job?

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Civil Service Meetings

Please note special meetings may be scheduled to address urgent matters.  When such occurs, a meeting notice will be posted on the City of Mount Vernon’s website   In the event a public hearing becomes necessary, the Commission will adhere to the contractual obligation of providing 30 days advance notice to the labor unions.All meetings are open to the public and will convene at 4:30 PM at City Hall in the Memorial Room located on the 2nd floor.

If you would like to speak at the meeting, please go to the Civil Service office located room 14 on the ground floor to sign-up.

Do I have to be a Mount Vernon resident to take a Civil Service Examination?

For most positions, there are no residency requirements to participate in the examination, but preference in appointment may be given to eligible candidates who have been residents of the appointing jurisdiction for 30 days prior to the examination date and at least 30 days prior to the effective date of appointment.

There are some positions that do require residency. The examination announcement will indicate such a requirement under the “Residence” section.

How can I obtain information on particular civil service examinations?

Announcements for civil service examinations are publicized on the City of Mount Vernon web site and in the Journal News paper. Printed copies are also available in all County and municipal buildings, and local libraries.

The City of Mount Vernon Application for Examination/employment is available at the Department of Civil Service – City Hall, Room 103, 1 Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, New York 10550, or may be downloaded from our web site.

How can I tell when a particular test will be given by Mount Vernon Civil Service Commission?

Not all examinations are held on an annual basis. Examinations are prepared and scheduled by the New York State Civil Service Commission. Civil Service requests examinations to be scheduled based on the number of positions, the length of the current eligible list, the age of the list, and the turnover of employees within the title. Eligible lists are valid for a minimum period of one year from the date of establishment and up to four years at the discretion of the Commissioner of Civil Service.

In order to find out if a specific examination is being offered, you must check on the schedule of announced examinations.

Who uses Mount Vernon Civil Service Lists?

Lists of eligible job candidates established by the Civil Service Department are used to fill vacancies in competitive class titles.


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