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The Mount Vernon Department of Buildings is the watchdog of the city’s existing housing stock; monitoring new building conditions and new building construction activity as well as overseeing the maintenance of older multi-family structures.

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The functions of the department are many and varied, from enforcement of state and local building codes, housing standards and ordinances, to the review of applications for permits of new buildings, repairs, alterations, signs, and rooming houses, in addition to electrical and plumbing work. Administrative and clerical duties cover the issuance of certificates of occupancy and certificates of compliance, vacant apartment inspections, collection of elevator fees, issuing reciprocal electrical licenses, as well as the responsibility of Architectural Review Board administration and conducting searches of department records as requested by the public.

The Mount Vernon Department of Buildings has a cohesive, committed, tolerant and professional workforce that resolves a host of problems associated with housing, maintaining construction standards and quality of life issues of citizens.


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8 South Sixth Ave – August 17, 2018

8 South Sixth Ave – November 30, 2018 

23 Blackford Ave – June 25, 2018

472 Gramatan Ave – September 9, 2018

210 & 212 Washington Street – July 3, 2018

267 South First Avenue – December 5, 2018

120 South 12th Avenue

First Presbyterian Church – July 23, 2018

323 E Third St – November 30, 2018

147 W Sidney Ave – December 11, 2018

Building Permit

Checklist for Building Permit

Building Permit Application Form

Items to Submit for a Building Permit Form

Construction Documents Requirements Form

Demolition Permit

Demolition Permit Application Form

Electrical Permit


Electrical Permit Application Form


Equipment Permit

Equipment Permit Application Form


Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application


Plumbing Permit

Available in person


Reapportionment and Subdivision Application

Reapportionment and Subdivision Application


Contractor’s Information Form

Contractor Information Form Instructions

Contractors Information Form


Amendment Application

Amendment Application


Fuel Oil Burner Inspection for Installation

Application for Inspection of Fuel Oil Burner Installation


Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy Application Form


Certificate of Tenancy

Certificate of Tenancy Application Form



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