The following garbage pickup schedule will be in effect for the week of February 8 – 12, 2016.  

Monday February 8th

  • SOUTHSIDE – Garbage Pickup

Tuesday February 9th

  • NORTHSIDE – Garbage Pickup

Wednesday February 10th

  • NORTHSIDE – Recyclable Pickup of Newspaper and Cardboard
  • SOUTHSIDE – Garbage and Rubbish Pickup

Thursday February 11th

  • SOUTHSIDE – Recyclable Pickup of Newspaper and Cardboard
  • NORTHSIDE – Garbage and Rubbish Pickup

Friday, February 12th


Alternate side of the street parking is suspended on both sides of the street on Friday, February 12, 2016 for Lincoln’s Birthday.

If you require additional information, contact the Department of Public Works at (914) 665 – 2463

Department of Recreation: Tennis FREE (+) – KELA INDOOR TENNIS

NYJTL/New York Junior Tennis & Learning: KELA INDOOR TENNIS CENTER  has 6 weekends left of FREE indoor tennis instruction. Contact Kela (525 Homestead Avenue, MtVernon NY) for exact dates & additional information: 914.668.0720.

This is followed by their end of the year tournaments in March. See below flyer (English & Spanish). It’s a wonderful opportunity to get Mount Vernon children introduced or involved during the winter months.

REGISTRATION & ATTENDANCE: Registration for all NYJTL CTPs is continuous and OPEN. Players can register at any time during the season. Registration must be in person ONLY. There is not an “application” – no one is rejected or placed on a waiting list. Registration can be done ONLY on the days and times of each location’s hours of operation. Attendance on any given day is optional.

EQUIPMENT, EVENTS & SCHEDULES: All equipment is provided for use during the FREE training session. There is no charge for use of the rackets. Tournaments and events are planned for all ages during every season.  ~  ~  ~  www.facebook/MVRECREATION

Kela Tennis WINTER 2016 eng-span B English Version

 Kela Tennis WINTER 2016 eng-span A Spanish Version

City of Mount Vernon, New York: EMERGENCY CONTACT #s

City of Mount Vernon, New York – RICHARD THOMAS, MAYOR



LIFE THREATENING                            911

Non-Life Threatening                             211 (open 9am-7pm Saturday & Sunday)

City Back-Up/Command Center           914-665-2300

DSS/Department of Social Services     914-995-2099

United Way                                                211  -or-  800-899-1479

Westchester Emergency Center             914-864-5450


  • Do not block fire hydrants – Cleaning around fire hydrants will also assist greatly in case of emergency.
  • Do not shovel snow in streets. Use the “tree lawn”, the area between curb and sidewalk, to place snow.


SNOW STORM ADVISORY – General Information


#MVReady for Winter Storm

The City of Mount Vernon will declare a SNOW EMERGENCY and institute emergency procedures when snowfall is predicted to accumulate three (3) or more inches. This will allow City personnel to clear roadways and streets.

Parking restrictions go into effect when there is a SNOW EMERGENCY. There is no parking on any street designated as a “SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTE.”

Download Snow Emergency Routes Here 

Any vehicles parked on a SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTE during the Snow Emergency will be summonsed and towed. Otherwise, parking restrictions on residential streets will be lifted.

Residents are urged to travel only when necessary during a SNOW EMERGENCY. Your cooperation is needed and much appreciated to keep the public safe and facilitate an orderly removal of snow.

For more information, check the City’s website at or call 914-665-2460. On social media, use #MVReady to follow and participate in real time information on snow removal in your neighborhood.  You may also call “211” for further assistance from United Way.

You can also check the reverse sides of this flyer (below) and the Sanitation schedules issued by and available at the DPW office.





The following conditions determine enforcement of Snow Emergency within the city streets:

  1. Whenever snow falls in the city during any period of twenty four (24) hours or less to a depth of three (3) inches or more, impairing transportation of people, food, medical care, fire, health and police protection and other vital services and facilities to the city.

  1. Parking restrictions in aid of snow removal. It shall be unlawful to delay, hinder or obstruct any vehicle or equipment engaged in the operation of snowplowing or snow removal on the designated snow emergency streets.

  1. Impounding unattended or illegally parked vehicles. During such emergencies, any vehicle found to be parked or unattended on the snow emergency streets causing obstruction to traffic and snow removal operations shall be removed under the direction of Department of Public Works by means of towing. Such removal shall be at the risk of the owner of such vehicle.

The following streets have been designated Snow Emergency.

North & South Snow Emergency Streets



Columbus Avenue

Bronxville to 3rd Avenue

Fulton Avenue

Parkway South to East 3rd Street

Fourth Avenue

1st Street to 4th Street

4th Street to Sandford Blvd.

Eleventh Avenue

Bronx Line to Scott’s Bridge

Mount Vernon Avenue

Scotts Bridge to Yonkers Ave

North Fifth Avenue

W. 1st Street to W. Lincoln Avenue

Gramatan Avenue

Centre Street to 1st Street

East & West Snow Emergency Streets



Devonia Avenue

Gramatan Avenue to Columbus Avenue

Lincoln Avenue

Scotts Bridge to Columbus Avenue

Station Place to Pelham Line

Third Street

Warwick Avenue to Bronx Line

First Street

Fulton Avenue to Bronx Line

Sandford Boulevard

Mundy Lane to Highland Avenue

West to Bronx Line – Fulton Avenue

Fulton Avenue – East to Pelham

Oak Street

Lincoln Avenue to Yonkers Line

Stevens Avenue

Lincoln Avenue to Gramatan Avenue

Valentine Street

North 5th Avenue to West Lincoln Avenue

Prospect Avenue

North 3rd Avenue to North 5th Avenue

North 3rd Avenue to North Columbus Avenue

Fiske Place

Gramatan Avenue to North 3rd Avenue

Grand Street

Fleetwood Avenue to Westchester Avenue

Broad Street

Locust Street and Westchester Avenue


DPW EMERGENCY – (914) 665 – 2460 EMERGENCY TOWING – (914) 665 – 2500



Snow Storm Advisory – General Information (PDF Document)

Snow Emergency Routes Map

City Council Special Meeting

Please be advised that a Special Meeting of the Mount Vernon City Council will be held on Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 9:00 A.M. in the City Council Chambers, Second Floor, City Hall, Mount Vernon, New York.

For the Purpose of: “to adopt the 2016 Annual Estimate (Budget)”

Special City Council Meeting

Please be advised that a Special Meeting of the Mount Vernon City Council will be held on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. in the City Council Chambers, Second Floor, City Hall, Mount Vernon, New York.

For the Purpose of: “Mayor Ernie D. Davis Addresses the State of the City”

Special City Council Meeting

The City Council will hold a Special Meeting on Monday December 21, 2015 at 10:30 am in the City Council Chambers. The purpose of the meeting is to Fix a Date for a Public Hearing on the 2016 Annual Estimate and any other business that may come before the City Council at that time. 

Notice of Board of Estimate & Contract Public Hearing December 16, 2015

A public hearing will be held before the Board of Estimate and Contract of the City of Mount Vernon on December 16, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers in City Hall in reference to the Annual Estimate for the year 2016.

 All interested citizens of the City of Mount Vernon will have the opportunity to give written and oral comment.

Copies of the detailed proposed budget will be available for the public in the Office of the City Clerk on: DECEMBER 14, 2015

Click the link below for full Notice of Public Hearing

NOPH Summary of Proposed Budget