Planning Intensity Areas

The Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, through the public planning process, concluded that the City would be categorized into three (3) distinct planning intensity areas for the purpose of selecting the appropriate comprehensive Plan recommended actions and strategies to be applied to particular areas of the city.  The three distinct planning intensity designations are the following:

Higher Intensity Planning Areas

Sections of the city where permitted land uses are to be modified to promote higher/greater development potential and quality of life.  Some of these areas are Downtown Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon West, Mount Vernon East Station Area, Canal Village Industrial Area and the First Street, MLK Jr. Boulevard (Third Street), and Sandford Boulevard corridors.

Limited Intensity Planning Areas

Sections of the City where the existing land uses are encouraged while planning strategies may need to be implemented to improve the visual quality and functionality.  The areas under this classification are the Washington Street Industrial District, as well as many of the City’s major street corridors and gateways.

Character Enhancement Areas

Sections of the City where the existing land uses are encouraged and should be protected through implementing quality of life ordinances and policies.  These areas are primarily residential areas within the City.



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