Plan Progress

A substantial amount of work has been performed by the city’s Department of Planning and Community Development (PCD) toward the preparation for a new comprehensive plan for the city. The City’s comprehensive plan process has been governed by PCD staff along with the Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee which is a core group of City stakeholders including elected officials, citizens, the Mount Vernon School Board and business owners that have a vested interest in guiding the overall City’s growth and development.

The City developed a vision for the comprehensive plan through a public planning process. This process included several meetings with the public, City officials, businesses, neighborhood associations and other community stakeholders. The process also included a citywide survey; wherein, residents provided survey responses, identifying scores of potential actions that the City may implement to improve the quality of life. The City further synthesized the results of the public meetings and surveys to identify the most widely supported actions that would guide the City in the future.

Latest Progress


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