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Business Registration Form

  1. Ex. Individual, Partnership, LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit

  2. Days Of Operation
  3. Is it registered with Mount Vernon Police Department?
  4. Is there a security alarm system?
  5. Is there a fire alarm system?
  6. Is it registered with Mount Vernon Police Department or Fire Department?
  7. Is there a fixed extinguisher system?
  8. Is it registered with Mount Vernon Fire Department?
  9. Are there hazardous/chemical materials onsite?
  10. Is there a 209U form filed with the Mount Vernon Fire Department?
  11. Is cooking done on the premises?
  12. The names of two emergency (after hours) contact persons with phone and e-mails.
  13. 1
  14. 2
  15. Indication that the business wants/does not want to be included in a City business listing
  16. If the property is not owned by business owner, the name of landlord or management company, along with address and phone number.
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