Safe Haven After-school

2022 LOCATION(S):  Rebecca Turner Elementary School

Safe Haven Afterschool Program provides academic support in the core areas of English and Math at the Grimes and Cecil H. Parker Elementary Schools in an effort to prepare students for middle and high school. The objective of the program is for students to have constructive use of out of school time. The program seeks to target elementary schools where academic proficiency rates are low and provide the resources needed for children to leave school prepared to live, learn and work in a community as contributing member of society.  Youth will also have positive peer interactions during unsupervised time. 

The Safe Haven afterschool program is an alternative and safe place for children ages 7-12. It offers free homework assistance and enrichment activities that allow for children within low income families to experience positive youth development opportunities that would otherwise not be available. 

Application and Resources

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Office:  (914) 665-7495

Carolyn Treasure - Program Director