Standing Committees

City of Mount Vernon departments and agencies are placed into one (1) of four (4) City Council oversight committees known as a Standing Committee. The City Council President does not chair a committee, however, the other four are designated chair of a committee and co - chair another committee. They are as follows: Human Resources, Finance & Planning, Legislation & Public Works and Public Safety & Codes. Chairs and Co-Chair rotate each year and are decided on by the City Councilmembers and set at their Annual Statutory Meeting which takes place the first working business day of the new year. Below are the committees and which departments and agencies fall under each.

2021 City Council Standing Committees

Human Resources 

Chair: Councilmember Delia M. Farquharson   Co Chair: Councilmember Lisa A. Copeland

Civil Service, Health and Welfare Services, Human Rights, Recreation. Senior Citizen Affairs, Veterans Affairs, Youth Bureau, Department of Human Resources, Mental Health, Immigration, Mount Vernon City School District; and related matters

Finance & Planning

Chair: Councilmember Lisa A. Copeland   Co Chair: Councilmember Derrick Thompson  

Budget, City-Owned Property taken through In Rem Tax Foreclosure proceedings or other means and not needed for municipal purposes (under the jurisdiction of the Department of Finance), The Mount Vernon Public Library, Funded Programs and Grants, Planning, Industrial Development Agency, Taxes and Assessment, Office of the inspector General, Memorial Field Finances, Economic Development, Architectural Review, Landmarks and Historical Preservation, Chamber of Commerce, Urban Renewal Agency; and related matters

Legislation & Public Works

Chair: Councilmember Janice Duarte    Co Chair: Councilmember Delia M. Farquharson

Office of the City Clerk, Mayor's Office of the Mayor, Law Department, Management Services, Parks, Public Works, Railroads and Bridges, City Property, Water Department, State and Federal Legislation, Charter Revision, Governmental Relations, Cable Advisory Board; and related matters

Public Safety & Codes

Chair: Councilmember Derrick Thompson   Co Chair: Councilmember Janice Duarte

Civil Defense, Consumer Affairs, Fire Department, Buildings, Housing and Code Enforcement, Parking Bureau, Police Department, Taxicabs, Pet Control, Zoning, Returning Citizens, Oversight and Investigations, Civilian Complaint Review Board, Board of Ethics; and related matters