Our mission is to offer comprehensive, positive youth development services to youth ages 6 to 24 throughout the continuum of childhood to adulthood. We are committed to supporting generations of youth and families by developing, implementing, and monitoring safe and effective programs that support experiential learning, along with physical, social, and emotional well-being. 

  1. debbie burrell butler

    Debbie Burrell-Butler


  1. dena williams 2

    Dena Williams

    Deputy Director

  1. Lauren Bacote Youth Employment Services Coordinator

    Lauren Bacote

    Youth Employment Service Coordinator

  1. Claudette Coote Program Director

    Claudette Coote

    MVCTC Project Coordinator

  1. Health Educator, CAPP Program

    Kirk James

    Health Educator

  1. Keisha Kendley

    Keisha Kendley

    CAPP Program Director

  1. Akilah Radcliff

    Akilah Radcliff

    STRONG Program Director

  1. Glen Rodriguez Senior Account Clerk

    Glen Rodriguez

    Senior Account Clerk

  1. Carolyn Treasure

    Carolyn Treasure

    Safe Haven/GEM Program Director

  1. Terilynn Williams Program Director WDAY

    Terilynn Williams

    WDAY Program Director

  1. Tia Williams Program Director Ready 4 Life

    Tia Williams

    Ready4Life Program Director

  1. Wayne Woodbury Program Director STEP UP

    Wayne Woodbury

    STEP UP Program Director