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South Fourth Avenue Corridor Plan

The South Fourth Avenue Study is an area-wide comprehensive plan for this area and identifies ways in which the community would like to economically revitalize these two-blocks while infusing current market needs into a policy document. The area-wide plan reviews existing assets within the area to determine the most effective and efficient ways to maximize its use in order to stabilize property values. The plan creates a vision for the area to increase the economic activity which occurs and capture the economic leakage which continues to decrease the City’s vitality. The vision includes recommendations for land use policies, contextual zoning, capital improvements, parking practices, economic development strategies for business attraction, retention and expansion. The vision further describes a marketing campaign for the area to create a greater sense of place. These suggestions incorporate economic and environmental sustainability, smart growth principles, complete streets and other current planning themes so that the area may grow in an appropriate manner.

Download the Plan Here