Examination Youth Case Manager Open-Competitive Exam #69-745





PLACE OF EXAMINATION:    AB Davis Middle SchoolMount Vernon, New York @ 8:30 A.M.

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE:   SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 at 3:00pm –no exceptions

SALARY RANGE:   $36,540 – $41,454

This list will be used to fill vacancies as they occur in the City of Mount Vernon Youth Bureau.    

RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must be a resident of the City of Mt. Vernon for not less than one year immediately preceding the date of the written examination.


  • Bachelor’s Degree with major course work in education, social work, psychology, sociology, or a closely related field PLUS One year of experience working with the youth that shall have involved career counseling and/or case management: OR                                                                                                                                                                
  • Associates Degree with major course work as stated in (a) above; PLUS Three years of experience ; OR    
  • Graduation from High School or possession of an equivalency diploma issued by the New York State Education Department; PLUS Five years of the above mentioned experience.

NOTE: For appointment from the resulting eligible list, applicants with a foreign high school diploma must submit a course by course evaluation of their educational credentials. You must pay the required evaluation fee. Evaluations will be accepted from services such as: WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES, INC., P.O. BOX 5087, NEW YORK, NY 10274 – 212-966-6311, GLOBE LANGUAGE SERVICES, INC. 319 BROADWAY #200, NEW YORK, NY 10027, 212-227-1994, OR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION RESEARCH FOUNDATION, INC. P.O. BOX 3665, CULVER CITY, CA. 90231.

DUTIES: Under the direction of the Youth Bureau, provides career counseling, intensive job readiness, job search and placement assistance, case management and training and follow up services to Workforce Innovations Opportunities (WIOA) eligible youth within Mount Vernon. Serves as a liaison to the WDAY partnership and conducts supervisory activities to various subcontractors. Does related work as required.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Candidates must have ability to screen for eligibility; work with disconnected youth; experience in employment and training services; skilled in job search; understanding grant requirements and computer programs; good knowledge and understanding of the City’s youth population; good knowledge of the cultural diversity of the City; good organizational skills; ability to work independently; ability to establish and maintain community relations; ability to work with diverse populations, including at risk individuals; ability to speak in public and communicate ideas to diverse audiences; good written and verbal communication skills; self motivation; time management skills; tact and courtesy; integrity and physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.                                                                                                                                                                    

SUBJECTS OF EXAMINATION: The written test will cover knowledge, skills and/or abilities in the following areas:

                                    1) EDUCATING AND INTERACTING WITH THE PUBLIC;

2) INTERVIEWING;                                                         

3) PREPARING WRITTEN MATERIAL;                                              



  • EDUCATING AND INTERACTING WITH THE PUBLIC – These questions test for knowledge of techniques used to interact effectively with individuals and/or community groups, to educate or inform them about topics of concern, to publicize or clarify agency programs or policies, to negotiate conflicts or resolve complaints, and to represent one’s agency or program in a manner in keeping with good public relations practices. Questions may also cover interacting with others in cooperative efforts of public outreach or service.
  • INTERVIEWING – These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed in obtaining information from individuals through structured conversations. These questions require you to apply the principles, practices and techniques of effective interviewing to hypothetical interviewing situations. Included are questions that present a problem arising from an interviewing situation, and you must choose the most appropriate course of action to take.
  • PREPARING WRITTEN MATERIAL – These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately, and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order. You must then choose, from four suggestions, the best order for the sentences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF EMPLOYMENT COUNSELING – These questions test for knowledge and understanding of principles, practices and techniques of employment counseling in individual and group settings. Questions may cover such topics as assessing customers’ job-related skills and abilities matching customers with appropriate training and employment opportunities; matching customers with special incentive programs; assisting customers to develop job search skills and career plans; working with customers and employers to develop appropriate job opportunities; utilizing public employment service programs; applying department policies and program knowledge to counseling and working with special applicant groups; and establishing, maintaining and terminating the customer-counselor relationship.

The New York State Department of Civil Service has not prepared a test guide for this examination. However,

candidates may find information in the publication “How to take a written test” helpful in preparing for this test.

This publication is available on line at www.cs.ny.gov/testing/localtestguides.cfm

CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED FOR THIS EXAMINATION: Devices with typewriter keyboards, spell checkers, personal digital assistants, address books, language transistors, dictionaries or any similar devices are prohibited.

Candidates are required to attain a final average rating of 70 in order to be eligible to have their name placed on the eligible list established as a result of this examination. Life on the list will be stated at the time the list is established.

APPLICATION FEE: A $15.00 NON-REFUNDABLE FILING FEE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS EXAMINATION FOR MOUNT VERNON RESIDENTS. The applicable fee is required and must accompany your application. If your application is received without the required fee, it will be considered incomplete and you will not be admitted to the examination. Only MONEY ORDERS will be accepted for the applications fee. The money order should be made payable to the City of Mount Vernon and be sure to write the examination number on the money order. CASH OR CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Because NO REFUND will be made, you are urged to compare your qualifications carefully with the requirements for admission.

FEE WAIVER INFORMATION: A waiver of the application fee will be allowed if you are unemployed and are primarily responsible for the support of a household. In addition, a waiver of the application fee will be allowed if you are determined eligible for Medicaid, receiving Supplemental Security Income payment, or Public Assistance. All claims for an application fee waiver are subject to verification. If you can verify eligibility for the application fee waiver, you must complete a “Request for Application Fee Waiver” form. This form is available in the Civil Service Office. You must submit the completed fee waiver form with your completed application.

Applications are available in the Mount Vernon Municipal Civil Service Commission Office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM or send a self-addressed, legal-sized envelope to the Civil Service Commission, Room 103 – City Hall, One Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, NY 10550. Applicants may also obtain applications from the City of Mount Vernon’s website at www.cmvny.com. All applications must be returned to the Civil Service Commission Office on or before the application deadline date.

For applications go to the Civil Service Office Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or send a stamped self-addressed, legal-sized envelope to the Civil Service Commission, Room 103, City Hall, 1 Roosevelt Square, Mt. Vernon, New York 10550. You may also obtain applications from our website @www.cmvny.com. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE CIVIL SERVICE OFFICE WITH YOUR FILING FEE. Applications received via mail will not be accepted if postmarked after the closing date deadline of September 14, 2016.

RELIGIOUS OBSERVERS AND DISABLED PERSONS: If special arrangements for testing are required, please indicate this on your application and submit on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to your application at time of submission. You will be notified of the alternate test date which will take place in City Hall.

In conformance with Section 85-a of the Civil Service Law, children of firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty shall be entitled to receive an ADDITIONAL TEN (10) POINTS in a competitive examination for original appointment in the same municipality in which his/her parent has served. If you are qualified to participate in this examination and are a child of a firefighter or police officer killed in the line of duty IN THIS MUNICIPALITY, PLEASE INFORM THIS OFFICE OF THIS MATTER WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FOR EXAMINATION. A candidate claiming such credit has a minimum of two (2) months from the application deadline to provide the necessary documentation to verify additional credit eligibility. However, no credit may be added after the eligible list has been established.

ALTERNATE TEST DATE POLICY: Alternate test(s) date(s) may be arranged upon review of the circumstances according to the alternate Test Date Policy adopted April 14, 2008 by the Civil Service Commission. Under specific circumstances an alternate test date may be arranged. Your request with written documentation must be received in the Mt. Vernon Civil Service office no later than two (2) weeks preceding the examination. If an emergency prevents you from appearing for the examination, please notify the Civil Service office in writing no later than the Friday before the test date and provide verifiable documentation of the reason. A determination will be made as to if an alternate test date will be scheduled.

APPLYING FOR CIVIL SERVICE EXAMS IN MULTIPLE JURISDICTIONS WHEN EXAMS ARE SCHEDULED ON THE SAME DATE: If you have applied for any other Civil Service Exams for employment with New York State or any other local government jurisdiction, you must make arrangements to take all the exams at one test site. If you have applied for both State and Local government exams, you must make arrangements to take all your exams at the State exam center by calling the State to make the arrangements, no later than two weeks before the test date.

SPECIAL REQUEST FOR MAKE UP EXAM DUE TO MILITARY DUTY: A make-up test will be available for written or any other portion of the test for persons who are in the activity military. A person eligible for military make-up test does not have to wait until discharge from active duty to take the test. Applicant must submit to this office a copy of a military order, DD214, or any other military document that substantiates active military service prior to the make-up test.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify the Civil Service Office of any change in name or address.

No attempt will be made to locate candidates who have moved.