Department of Recreation: OPEN HOUSE 3/12, 15/16 and RBI BASEBALL and SOFTBALL

The City of Mount Vernon, New York – Richard Thomas, Mayor, Mount Vernon Department of Recreation: Darren M. Morton, Ed.D., Commissioner, Diane Atkins, MPA, Deputy Commissioner and Mount Vernon RBI/Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities is pleased to inform its League Information 2016:

Mount Vernon Jr. RBI Baseball (boys & girls):

Registration Fee … $75.00 (uniform included)

Tee Ball (ages 5yrs & 6yrs old)

Junior Minor (ages 7yrs & 8yrs old)

Minors (ages 9yrs & 10yrs old)

Majors (ages 12yrs & under)


Mount Vernon Sr. RBI Baseball (boys & girls):

Registration Fee … $100.00 (uniform included)

Senior (age 14yrs old & under)

Senior (age 16yrs old & under)

Senior (age 18yrs old & under)


Mount Vernon RBI – Girls Softball:

Jr. Softball Fee … $75.00 (uniform included)

Age 10yrs old & under 

Age 12yrs old & under


Sr. Softball Fee … $100.00 (uniform included)

Age 14yrs old & under

Age 16yrs old & under

Age 18yrs old & under



Registrations Begins: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Programs Ends:  Mid-June (according to playoffs)

For registration and additional information, please stop by the Department of Recreation … Mount Vernon City Hall, Office #11/Ground Floor … Weekdays  9am-4pm or call us @ 914.665.2420

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Open House - Mt. Vernon RBI

MV Baseball Jr RBI Flyer 16   MV Baseball Sr RBI Flyer 16   MV Baseball Sr Softball RBI Flyer 16