Fire Department

Fire Inspection Fees begin January 2015

To Whom It May Concern

Fire Inspection Program Fee

The City of Mount Vernon Fire Department will be conducting Annual Fire Safety Inspections of Multi-Family Residential Apartment buildings and Three-Family and above Homes. The Bureau of Fire Prevention presently conducts Fire Safety Inspections, However, due to increased cost of operations and personnel, beginning in January 2015 Inspection fees will be collected to conduct theseĀ Annual Inspections which are required by NY State Fire & Life Safety Codes. The Inspection Program has been adopted and authorized by the Mount Vernon City Council in May 2014. Again this is a mandatory Program, New York State Buildings & Fire Codes require annual inspections. The Mount Vernon Fire Department is revamping this program to be proactive in Fire Prevention and to enhance/enforce safety procedures to assist in Structure Fire reductions and loss of life and property.

Three-Family plus Residential HomesĀ  $100 Inspection Fee

Multi-Family Residential Apartments $300 Inspection Fee

Noah E. Lighty

Fire Commissioner