Red Light Cameras Operational: 30 Day Warning Period Until January 15

Mount Vernon is testing out its new red-light safety camera system with the installation of two red-light safety cameras. The cameras went operational on December 15th as part of a 30-day warning phase during which written notices will be mailed to the vehicle owner if the car is detected running a red light. This new approach to traffic safety program will go live on January 15th when Red-light Safety Cameras will be activiated at the following intersections:

  • EB/WB E Lincoln AVE @ Darwood Place /Sheridan
  • NB/SB S Columbus AVE /SR22 @ E 3rd ST/MLK BLVD
  • WB/EB/SB East Sanford BLVD @ South Fulton AVE
  • EB/WB East Sanford BLVD @ Garden AVE

This program puts a new law enforcement tool into the hands of our police officers. Red-light safety cameras will help us reduce the number of regrettable traffic collisions at our most dangerous intersections and it is anticipated that once motorists get used to the technology, they will react to the cameras in much the same way that they react to seeing an officer along the side of the road watching for speeders; they will slow down and stop in time to avoid running the red light. 

A red light violation occurs when the entire vehicle crosses the intersection’s line of demarcation after the traffic signal turns red. Technicians at American Traffic Solutions (ATS), oversee the review of violation images and event data being submitted to the Mount Vernon Police Department. A sworn law enforcement officer from the Mount Vernon Police Department conducts a final review to determine if a ticket and fine are warranted based on the evidence. This procedure will ensure that tickets are issued with full knowledge of local roadways and traffic patterns and laws.

Mount Vernon is attempting to enforce traffic laws at the most dangerous intersections, allowing police officers to be available for other patrol and crime prevention duties. Cameras provide a cost-effective service because they don’t cost taxpayers a dime; only those who choose to break the law and put the safety of others at risk pay the fines that are used to fund the cameras. These photo-enforcement cameras effectively change driver behavior from recklessly running red lights to stopping at them for the benefit of themselves and others on the road.

Beginning on January 15, 2015 motorists running red lights at intersections will be ticketed using the new technology. For additional information contact the Mount Vernon Parking Bureau at 914-665-2470.