Fire Department Offering Safety Tips for the Holidays

Residents of Mount Vernon will feel safer at home after they read and implement the tips provided by the Fire Department on home and holiday safety. Even if you’ve never had problems before, its always best to be aware of the dangers.

Safety First, the Fire Department’s newest campaign to promote fire safety awareness in the community, kicks off with holiday decorating tips, a carbon monoxide alert and home inspection checklists that every renter and homeowner should review. 

Winter weather brings more frequent fire hazards than in any other times of the year. The days are shorter and people are trapped indoors trying to keep warm. Awareness of the dangers and careful use of appliances and extra heating devices, such as space heaters, can reduce the number of incidents requiring emergency assistance.

Working smoke detectors are important and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial as homes become more energy efficient and airtight. It is stongly recommended that every homes have both. Batteries should be checked every month and be replaced twice a year. Most importanly, renters and homeowners should make sure there is a clear way to get out of the home in the event of an emergency.

For more information on fire safety, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 914-665-2611.

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