Mount Vernon Set to Upgrade Parking Meters – New Rates Go Into Effect April 19

Motorists will soon be paying a little more for metered parking in Mount Vernon. Effective April 19, 2013, on street parking at meters will cost twenty five cents for fifteen minutes with a maximum parking time of two hours. Off street, lots, garages and long term parking will cost twenty five cents for twenty minutes with a maximum parking time of twelve hours.

Parking meters for short term parking are located in retail areas and will be set for two hour limits, encouraging turnover in high-demand parking spaces so more parking can be available for customers. To ensure proper use of these meters, motorists should feed quarters into meters for up to the maximum based on the length of time they plan on being parked and return to their vehicle before the time expires.

New rates will be strictly enforced. Motorists need to make sure to read instructions on meters and pay attention to the new time limits, or be subject to ticketing for violations. Parking meters are in effect from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Over the next few weeks, motorists will also see an upgrade in single space meter mechanisms going on in some areas of the city. The entire city is expected to be converted within four to six weeks transitioning a total of twelve hundred parking meters that are outdated, broken or obsolete. The new meters are low maintenance and more efficient at timekeeping and will allow meter technicians to have more time to do other tasks.

The city is spending $180 thousand to upgrade the meters and will pay for them through proceeds made from the sale of bonds.

For additional information contact Commissioner Gaylord Worrell at 914-665-2470.