Paying a parking ticket in Mount Vernon will cost more beginning March 1. “The city had to raise the penalties for parking infractions,” said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. “Mount Vernon has some of the lowest fees for parking violations in the county, but that will change next month.”

In an ordinance passed last December, the City Council approved increasing fees for parking summonses effective the beginning of March. Early payment costs will also rise for some infractions. “We will be stepping up our parking enforcement efforts,” said Gaylord Worrell, Commissioner of the city’s Parking Bureau.

Drivers can avoid paying the increased costs for summonses by parking legally. The city maintains a total of 2,275 parking spaces in lots located throughout the city. Complaints regarding broken meters should be made directly to the Parking Bureau, 3 East Sidney Avenue, 914.665.2323. Questions about parking ticket payments can be answered by the Parking Ticket Collections Department located in the Mount Vernon City Court, Second Floor, 2 Roosevelt Square, 914.665.2592.