ConEd Wraps Hurricane Sandy Restorations – 11/12/2012


Far Rockaway bound convoy from Mount Vernon

Restoration of power loss associated with Hurricane Sandy ends today. As of this morning only 3 customers whose service could be restored remained without service. Their service is expected to be back on by days end.

Also ending today will be the participation of Con Edison’s Municipal Liasion who has been working tirelessly alongside us since the start of the storm. Our Liasion not only sat at the table through the storm logging power outages as they were called in, but was our voice to Con Edision throughout the restoration process. Over the past 2 weeks the city was able to disseminate, in real time, information relative to the outage and have priority concerns addressed through the establishment of a collaborative relationship with this invaluable resource.

Over the coming weeks Con Edison will continue to be in our community; rebuilding and replacing more equipment to ensure reliability. Quick fixes that restored power to homes and businesses will be improved to more aesthetically compliant standards.

 Our Public Works crews will be inspecting sidewalks, removing any remaining  storm debris and addressing other damages. We ask for your continued patience as we go about documenting damages caused by the storm and ask that you understand repairs will have to be prioritized.

We have witnessed a reclamation of all that is good with our city after Hurricane Sandy, the likes of which have not been seen in the New York area.  We have seen people working together; municipal workers and members of the public, collaboratively pitching in to set our city back on course.

We came together to help one another, building new bonds that can only make us stronger as a community. Mount Vernon rose to the occasion, demonstrating what we always knew – that we are a community of good and caring people in “The City That Believes”.