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After eight years of blight, the burned out building located at 456 South 1st Avenue and three others is set to be demolished on Monday, November 12, 2012. “Everything is finally in place to rid the city of these blighted properties littering their neighborhoods”, said Mayor Ernest D. Davis.

The city’s Building Department has finally gotten the green light to tear down the 1st Avenue property that has been the subject of growing neighborhood concern after an extended legal encounter over ownership and proper service of documents. The city had previously set aside funding for the demolition of unsafe buildings but had been unable to legally move forward.

On Monday asbestos monitoring will be set up. At 8:00 on Tuesday morning TMI Wrecking Inc. will dismantle the building and clear the property of debris.

Also set to be demolished is 359 South 10th Avenue, 7 West 3rd Street and 302 South 6th Avenue. “Residents who live in these areas should see a big difference within the next week”, said Mark Warren, Commissioner of the Buildings Department. All of the buildings slated for demolition are in irreparable condition.

For additional information contact the Buildings Department at 914.665.2486.