Request For Proposals – Traffic Optimization Study

The City of Mount Vernon is seeking to develop a Traffic Optimization Study to evaluate, understand and analyze the impact that inefficiencies in the City’s transportation network are having on the City’s economy and future growth. This traffic optimization study will evaluate various modes of transportation to determine whether the mode is operating at its optimal efficiency for users to access the City of Mount Vernon’s marketplace. In particular, the consultant will analyze the economic loss associated with inefficient access to the Canal Village Area of the City which is the City’s major tax contributor and the largest industrial and employment section of the City. This encompasses determining the annual user delay in terms of fuel costs, time and economic loss. The following economic indicators will be considered during this examination to determine any detrimental effects that may decrease access to the City’s marketplace including but not limited to bridge closures, traffic congestion, environmental concerns, environmental justice, impacts on local industries, emergency response time, pedestrian mobility, bicycle mobility, access to vehicle storage facilities, waterbourne mobility, mass transit connectivity in terms of scheduling and the impacts on future development. The traffic optimization study will include implementable strategies for the City’s existing multi-modal, transit-oriented development transportation network by analyzing the movement of goods and people with the incorporation of environmental concerns in terms of value, i.e. low cost, intermediate cost and high cost that will reduce the annual user delay.  Download the RFP notice below:

 Traffic Optimization Study