Mount Vernon’s Con Edison Municipal Liaison wants us to remind property owners that Con Edison is not responsible for storm damages associated with items attached to buildings receiving service.

Property owners should check, if they can, to make sure they are ready to receive service during restoration efforts from loss of power due to high winds associated with Hurricane Sandy.

If your service has not been restored and you have been told that your weatherhead/standpipe is the problem, it may have been torn from your home or business. The weatherhead/standpipe is the connection and point that Con Edison lines connect to your home or business to meet with the meter.

Sometimes brackets holding the weatherhead/standpipe are torn from the house or business. If this has happened, the brackets simply have to be reattached to the building. Damage can also occur when the entire mechanism cracks and/or wiring is torn. If this happens, the property owner may have to obtain the services of a qualified electrician to repair any torn wires before restoration of service can continue.

Remember, your service may not be reconnected by Con Edison if the weatherhead/standpipe is not secured or is damaged.