Photo, The Future Society offering organized activity in Hartley Park



Mount Vernon, NY, July 18, 2012 – Mount Vernon’s Recreation Department is launching a “Throwback” park and playground program to bring the city’s parks and playgrounds back to life. “Sometimes it’s better to bring back tried and true programming that worked and enhances the summer playground and park experience”, said Mayor Ernest D. Davis. “Our playgrounds had a reputation for having creative things going on and we’re bringing that back to our neighborhoods”.


Most people growing up in Mount Vernon inn the decades leading up to the 1990’s remember playgrounds and parks having leaders and organized activities. In those days nearly everybody had lanyard string as well as registered and inspected bicycles courtesy of playground outreach programs. The Department of Recreation decided to pull this concept off the shelf and update it for youth this summer. Mount Vernon’s Summer Park Activation Program began on Monday, July 16 and will run until Friday, August 17.


“Over the next 6 weeks activities will take place at 6 key parks throughout the city every Monday – Friday”, said Recreation Commissioner Darren M. Morton. “Recreation staff and Youth Bureau employees will work as park and playground leaders, offering children and adults activities such as water games, arts and crafts, sports competitions, and other special activities”.


Session #1 – 10am – 11:30am

  • Purdy      Park – South 9th Ave, between 2nd St and 3rd      St.
  • Howard      Street Playground – Corner of Howard St. and N. High St.
  • Sophie      J. Mee Playground – South 3rd Ave, between 3rd St.      and 4th St.

Session #2 – 12noon – 1:30pm

  • Old      7th Avenue Playground – Between 2nd St. and 3rd      Street
  • Hartley      Park Playground – Corner Oakley
  • Fleetwood      Playground – Corner of Fleetwood Ave. and Broad St.


Families can also participate in Yoga instruction at Hutchinson Field by a certified yoga instructor (specific dates to be announced). Free ice skating and use of batting cages at Mount Vernon Ice Hutch will also be available.


Recreation programs are also scheduled for Hartley Park. The Future Society Inc. will conduct their increasingly popular fun activities for youth on July 27 and the Westchester County “Be Fit Mobile” will make an appearance on Friday, August 1. The County’s program will help people of all ages learn how to “have fun getting and keeping fit”. On Friday, August 10 parents can bring their children to the park for a free puppet show that begins at 12 noon.


For additional information, please call the Recreation Department at 914.665.2420.