Please be advised that non-electric detonation devices, or blasting, will be used as part of site excavation in the central part of the Wartburg campus located on Wartburg Place right off of Lincoln Avenue from Friday June 22, 2012 until approximately through the end of July, 2012.

The blasting site will be more than 300 feet from property boundaries of the residences bordering the Wartburg campus. There is no cause for alarm. The Fire Department will closely monitor the on-site blasting throughout the blasting period and will be ready to address any situation that may arise.

Residents can expect to hear a series of warning horns prior to the actual blasting charges, and another afterwards notifying that the site is all clear. This will pattern will occur three times daily on days when blasting takes place. Flagmen will be posted at the entrance of the Wartburg campus to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic since in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. All vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be prohibited during the charges.

Please contact Wartburg’s Director of Safety and Security at 914-513-5169 or the Home’s Director of Planning at 914-513-5223 should you have any questions or concerns during the expected four to five week blasting period.