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Reincarnated “Arts on Third Festival” to be held September 16

Judy Williams addressing the many volunteers that packed the Mayor's Conference Room to join "Arts on Third" committees.

          Over four years ago, Mayor Ernest D. Davis was removed from office in a highly contested mayoral election by Clinton I. Young – shocking many. Regrettably, many of Davis’ popular programs were quietly discontinued by Young – one of them being the annual “Arts on Third Festival,” which was routinely attended by over 20,000 people and was a huge public relations bonanza for Mount Vernon.

          When Davis was sworn in for a fourth term this past January, he promised to bring back the arts and all the programs that were popular with the Mount Vernon populace – especially “Arts on Third.”

          On Tuesday, June 12, nearly 100 volunteers packed the Mayor’s Conference Room at City Hall to attend an “Arts on Third” organization meeting, led by Judy Williams and Shari Harris, coordinators of the event this year.

          The volunteers were full of energy, excited and were actually rejoicing about the fact that “Arts on Third” has been reincarnated by Mayor Davis.

          During the meeting the volunteers had the opportunity to join numerous small committees in which members will help in the area of marketing, logistics, sports, entertainment, etc., all in a concerted effort to make the return of “Arts on Third” a huge success.  READ MORE