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Police Bust Up Alleged Marijuana Inside-Grow House in Mount Vernon

Vernon Place Home Invasion Leads to the Arrest of its Residents        

Numerous Marijuana plants are allegedly found inside home

             Mount Vernon, NY Mayor Clinton Young, Jr. announced today that on Tuesday morning, August 2nd, 2011, the residents of 17 Vernon Place called the Mount Vernon Police Department to report that three (3) unknown armed gunmen had just burst into their home and demanded money. The Mount Vernon Police Department quickly responded and surrounded the home. Upon entering the home to search for the gunmen, the Police quickly discovered only the three (3) residents were inside the home.  While in the home, Police also observed the residents were allegedly operating what appeared to be Marijuana indoor-grow house.

 Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. said, “I commend the men and women of the Mount Vernon Police Department for their outstanding work. My administration is working diligently to bring our Police Department into the 21-century with the Shot-Spotter system, license plate readers and updated police cruisers. The criminals are on notice that this illegal activity will not be tolerated in our city.” 

             The three (3) residents were subsequently arrested after further investigation and the execution of a search warrant. Arrested were:  Lynne Pollak 50 years old; Michael Littieri 35 years old; and Raphael Piazza 22 years old. All three were charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana 3rd degree, an E Felony. Recovered were numerous Marijuana plants and indoor growing supplies. Police say both investigations are on going.   

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