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Department of Public Works Clean-Up/Beautification Weekend Celebration 2011

The 2011 Department of Public Works Clean-Up/Beautification Weekend was successful and triumph.
Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. and Public Works Commissioner Terrence Horton announced that the City of Mount Vernon clean up weekend 2011 was a major success.
Crews from the Department of Public Works were joined by more than twenty-five neighborhood and community groups to give the city a good scrubbing at various locations around the city, including: Claremont Avenue, Lorraine Avenue, South Street Bridge, MacQuesten Parkway, California Road, Pelhamdale Avenue, East 7th and Fulton Lane just to name a few. The clean up weekend events were part of National Public Works Week.
“Despite serious budgetary restraints, the Department of Public Works really performed an outstanding job in sprucing up our city,” said Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. “I commend them for the continuous hard work for our citizens with less staff and funding.”

Below is a list of the areas that were cleaned during the weekend:
  1. Claremont Ave (Hill)
  2. Lorraine Ave – Dead End Off of Audrey
  3. N. Columbus Ave (Billboard) Next To Train Tracks
  4. Cooley Pl. (Vacant Lot – City Property)
  5. N.H.R.R St. (From 14th Ave to Dead End of High St.)
  6. Bedford Ave & Dunham Ave (City Property Behind Best Buy)
  7. Seneca Ave Lot
  8. South St. Bridge
  9. Cortlandt St. & Pearl St.
  10. MacQuesten Pkwy (Fence Line) from (Devonia Ave to Howard St.)
  11. Pelhamdale Ave (Along Bend)
  12. Bradford Rd. (Lot)
  13. E. 7th St. & Fulton Lane (Along Tree Area)
  14. California Rd. (Hill Off Of New Rochelle Rd.)
  15. N. Columbus Ave (North Bound Lane South of Overhill Rd.)
  16. W. Lincoln Ave & Gramatan Ave
  17. 3rd Street By Hartford Ave
  18. N. MacQuesten Pkwy (Power Station)
  19. N. MacQuesten Pkwy (Lot #13) Under Bridge Meter Area
  20. City Hall & Police Department
  21. MacQuesten Pkwy from Howard St. to South St.
Union Park
Commissioner Horton and New DPW Truck
DPW workers Spruce up the City
The week culminated in the Third Annual Warriors Way Celebration at Brush Park, which included posthumous recognition for Lt. Colonel Lee Andrew Archer Jr. and for civil rights leaders Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz.