Fire Department

City of Mount Vernon to Help Residents Beat the Heat

City to launch Sprinkler locations this weekend.

Mount Vernon, NY— Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply urges residents to refrain from opening fire hydrants to “cool off”. The primary function of hydrants is to provide water to fight fires. When residents open the hydrants illegally, they can damage the operating nuts so that the Fire Department can no longer use them. This places the neighborhood at risk as the Fire Department wastes precious time looking for a working hydrant. People who open fire hydrants can also drop neighborhood water pressure to dangerously low levels, so that water cannot reach the upper levels of apartment buildings. Flowing hydrants can cause other problems as well since children playing in the street in the spray of an open hydrant could be hit by a car.

The Fire Department will be installing sprinkler caps on certain hydrants throughout the City:

  • 7 Jefferson Place
  • South 15th Avenue & 2nd Street
  • Short Street & New Haven Railroad Street
  • Grove Street playground
  • Morrison Place (dead end)
  • Madison Street (dead end)
  • North Bond Street
  • South 3rd Avenue between 3rd & 4th Street

The hours of operation will be from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, whenever the temperature exceeds 87°. Neighborhood associations wishing to have a sprinkler cap should call the Fire Department at (914) 665-2626. The site will be evaluated with respect to safety concerns and if approved, a sprinkler cap will be installed.

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