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Notice of Property Sale – City of Mount Vernon

Notice is hereby given that the Comptroller of the City of Mount Vernon, pursuant to the authority granted by Local Ordinance No. 20, enacted by City Council on May 11, 2011 and signed by the Mayor on May 12, 2011 will dispose of at a public auction sale to the highest bidder certain parcels of surplus City owned real property not needed for any municipal purpose.

The auction sale will take place at 11:00 am on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 in City Hall, Council Chambers, Room 206 when, at such time and place, the successful high bidder shall be required to execute a contract of sale and make a cash sum or certified check “good faith” purchase money deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the final and winning bid price. The purchase money balance shall be due and payable at the Office of the Corporation Counsel, City Hall, Room 111 when at a time and date (approximately thirty (30) days thereafter) specified on the Contract of Sale, a quitclaim deed from the City of Mt. Vernon to the purchaser will be prepared and ready for delivery.

The properties to be auctioned are as follows, designated by street address and Block and Lot on the assessment and tax rolls.

Street Address
Minimum Bid
42 South High Street
40 Mount Vernon Avenue
197 Stevens Avenue
339A North High Street
23 Vernon Place
135 South 12 th Avenue
465 South 11 th Avenue
558 South 9 th Avenue
13 & 14
416 S. 7 th Avenue
14 E. Sandford Blvd
136 E. 3 rd Street
0 Millington Street

The premises hereinbefore described shall be sold “As Is” in all respects and subject to terms of sale and standard contract of sale on file in the Office of the Comptroller, and the 1963 Zoning Ordinance of the City of Mt. Vernon, New York and amendments thereto.

Final sale of this property shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Estimate and Contract of the City of Mount Vernon.

Further information relating to the sale of this property and terms thereof may be obtained at the Office of the undersigned Comptroller, City Hall, Room 1, Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, New York by calling (914) 665-2308.

Pre-registration is required. Pre-registration will be held from May 23, 2011 through June 17, 2011 in the Office of the Comptroller, City Hall, Mount Vernon, NY. No registrations will be accepted on the day of the auction.

Dated: May 12, 2011

Maureen Walker, CPA


Links: Notice of Property Sale June 22 2011

Architectural Review Board Meeting: May 25, 2011

City of Mount Vernon Awarded $435,160 For Canal Village


May 17, 2011;

Mount Vernon Received one of the Highest Awards approved by New York State.

Mount Vernon, New York—Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. announced today that the City of Mount Vernon was awarded $435,160 in Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program grants from the New York State Department of State. The grant is one of the highest awarded out of 21 applications approved by New York State. According to Acting Secretary of State Ruth Noemi Colon, BOA grants are designed to help municipalities revitalize communities, create jobs, support environmental remediation and expand the tax base in neighborhoods affected by multiple brownfield sites.

“We are pleased that Governor Cuomo and the Department of State recognize that Mount Vernon and its largest industrial area are primed for environmentally responsible growth and greater economic development. I also commend our State Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow for his hard work and support for this critical initiative,” said Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr.

The City of Mount Vernon will complete a Nomination for an approximately 231-acre area characterized with 20 potential brownfield sites that are located in the City’s south-eastern section in the Canal Village area. The primary community revitalization objectives include: identifying key redevelopment opportunities; revitalizing the entire Canal Village area by cleaning-up and redeveloping sites for appropriate commercial businesses and enterprises; upgrading the area’s existing infrastructure; and increasing the City’s tax base and employment.

“The funding provided through the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program Grant will assist the city in understanding how to enhance the co-existence of area businesses and natural resources as we improve the area’s infrastructure and identify future land uses to foster sustainable development that will mutually benefit property and business owners, the City and its residents,” noted Mayor Young.

The site investigations will analyze and fully understand the existing resources and redevelopment potential of the total study area. It will consist of a land assemblage analysis; a site specific redevelopment evaluation and a site build out assessment. These evaluations will enable the determination of definitive courses of action to be taken in order to revitalize the Canal Village Study Area.

“The primary community revitalization objectives to be achieved by this project include: the revitalization of the entire Canal Village Study Area by identifying potential brownfield sites for remediation, the re-occupancy of vacant space and sites with commercial enterprises and maximizing the utilization of existing resources,” says the City’s Commissioner of Planning and Community Development Jeffrey Williams.

Discussions will soon be underway between City of Mount Vernon officials and representatives from the New York State Department of State to finalize the scope and timeframes for the project prior to its commencement.

For more information on the City of Mount Vernon, log on to our website at

City of Mount Vernon Welcomes Internationally Famous Ceramic Tile Maker

Mount Vernon, NY—On Friday, May 13, 2011, the City of Mount Vernon welcomed Franco Manfredini, President of the largest Porcelain Tile manufacturer in Italy and the Chairman of Italy’s Ceramic Industrial Council during a presentation ceremony. Mr. Franco Manfredini, President of the largest Porcelain Tile manufacturer in Italy and the Chairman of Italy’s Ceramic Industrial Council, visited Pro Tile*Terrazzo*Stone*Wood &*Flooring to congratulate the Mount Vernon based company for outstanding sales in the ceramic tile industry.

On behalf of Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr., Mount Vernon Chief of Staff Yolanda Robinson and Building Commissioner Mark Warren presented Mr. Manfredini with a proclamation from Mayor Young and a Key to the City.

“Mount Vernon is home to people from close to a hundred different countries, it is very important to cultivate strong business and inter-municipal relationships,” noted Robinson. “Mr. Manfredini is a giant in the tile and ceramic industry. We honor him for his many accomplishments, as well as the high standards he has set worldwide. It gives me great pride to honor him and the entire delegation to reinforce the great bond between Italy and Mount Vernon.”

Louis Giannini, President of Pro Tile*Terrazzo*Stone*Wood &*Flooring, said he is proud to host such an icon in the ceramic tile industry. “Our Companies represent Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Terrazzo, Wood, Flooring and installation products to design and architectural professionals. We supply projects and national accounts throughout North America. Our association with CasalGrande Padana, directed by Mr. Manfredini, has been an invaluable key element to our success,” said Giannini.

In 1961, Mr. Manfredini was the first employee of Casalgrande Padana to become a partner within two years and later Chairman and Managing Director in 1974. Following the acquisition of the then Gruppo Ceramiche Ri.Wal., Casalgrande Padana reported a 2008 profits of 295 million euro, 70% of which was generated by exports. It has six production facilities, all located in the Sassuolo – Scandiano ceramic district, a production capacity of 35 million square metres, and a total of 1,100 employees. Casalgrande Padana attaches great importance to sustainable development, all its factories having ISO 14001 and EMAS certification. In 2006, Franco Manfredini and Casalgrande Padana received the Sodalitas Social Award for the ‘product innovation’ category, the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ award and the ‘Confindustria premia l’eccellenza’ award. The following year the company received the Premio Impresa Ambiente award 2007.

Mr. Manfredini was elected Chairman of the Confindustria Ceramica Members in 2009 by nearly 99% of the votes. Franco Manfredini boasts many years of experience in the Association. He first joined the Assopiastrelle Executive Board in May 1986 and has acted as chairman of various advisory committees, including ‘Technical Standards’, ‘Training, School and University’ and ‘Environment and Safety’, and has also been a member of the ‘Statistics and Editorial Activities’ committee.

For more information about the City of Mount Vernon, please log on to our website at

Zoning Board Meeting: May 17, 2011

Business Expo 2011

Street SignsYour business is important!  Show off your business on Wednesday, June 29th as part of the 2011 Mount Vernon Business Expo.  We are encouraging you to open your doors and invite the public in for a “Behind the Scenes Showcase” of your Mount Vernon business location.

Register by June 20, 2011.  Participants receive:

  • A Showcase exterior display sign
  • Posting of your business’s name and web address on the 2011 Business Expo web site
  • A 10% discount for first time Chamber of Commerce membership
  • One free ticket to the 2011 Business Expo breakfast

Participation fee is $50.00.  Call 914-667-7500 or send an email to

Sponsored by the City of Mount Vernon
and the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce

City Council Special Meeting on May 9, 2011

A special meeting of the City Council will be held on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 4:30 p.m. regarding an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County and Blue Rio, LLC (HIF-203 Gramatan Avenue).

City Council Special Meeting on May 6, 2011

A special meeting of the City Council will be held on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 7:00 a.m. regarding an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to enter into an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Westchester County and Blue Rio, LLC (HIF-203 Gramatan Avenue).

Planning Board Meeting: May 4, 2011

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