Public Works

City of Mount Vernon Unveils New Street Sweepers

City Also Launches “Cleaner, Greener Mount Vernon” Campaign

Mount Vernon, NY—On Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. and Public Works Commissioner Terrence Horton unveiled three new sweeper trucks at Mount Vernon City Hall, as well as kick off a “Cleaner, Greener Mount Vernon” campaign. The new trucks were funded through the city’s 2010 Capital Projects program.

“These new sweepers will go a long way in improving the quality of services in the City of Mount Vernon,” noted Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. “Cleaner, Greener Mount Vernon” campaign is designed to encourage residents and business owners alike to participate in neighborhood clean ups and discourage litter-bugs who leave their garbage in our neighborhoods. I commend the City Council and Capital Projects committee for their assistance in acquiring the sweepers. We all want a cleaner city. Together, we can make it happen,” said Mayor Young.

Commissioner Terrence Horton says the new style Elgin Pelican NP trucks will be dispatched throughout the city. The sweepers are equipped with John Deere engines with latest Tier III Emissions compliance. The Tier III engine has significantly fewer exhaust particulates then units currently in our fleet for a more “green” and environmentally friendly product. This new engine not only runs cleaner, but with multiplex functionality is able to do more at lower RPMs yielding 15 to 20% fuel savings. This engine also is able to operate on environmentally friendly Bio-Diesel fuel. Outstanding maneuverability makes this sweeper design a leader in the industry, especially for municipal applications as evidenced throughout Westchester County.

“This city has not purchased a new sweeper in over 16 years. Our youngest sweeper was more than 20 years old and in constant need of costly repairs. We made this investment in order to improve our city aesthetically and environmentally. These state of the art sweepers are the most energy efficient vehicles available, and will save the city thousands of taxpayer dollars in equipment repairs and overtime,” stated Horton.

Mayor Young says the city will step up ordinance and parking enforcement to keep our neighborhoods clean beginning April 10th. He also urges residents to report all illegal dumping to the police department.

“Contractors, trucks and cars drive through our city and dump their garbage illegal and/or dangerous materials in vacant lots, on the street, and in our city trash cans. I urge residents to be more vigilant by reporting the vehicle and license plate of the individual immediately to the police department at (914) 665-2500. We have zero tolerance for illegal dumping. We will bring all perpetrators to justice.”