Taxicab Fare Increase

Please be advised that effective March 24, 2011, the lawful sums to be collected for the hire of a taxicab shall be as follows:

  1. For conveying a single passenger from any place within the City, the flat rate fee is $5.00.  A flat rate fee of $1.00 shall be charged for each additional passenger traveling with such person. (Please note that the new fare is no longer subject to zone and time restrictions).
  2. For conveying a person 60 years of age or over as a single passenger within City limits, the flate rate fee is $4.00 and $1.00 for each additional passenger traveling with such person.
  3. Based on the lowest price of regular gas on the Westchester County gas price lisiting, the following gasoline surcharge shall apply to the flat rate fee:  a) over $3.00 per gallon, a $0.25 increase; b) over $4.00 per gallon, a $.50 increase; c) over $5.00 per gallon, a $.75 increase; d) over $6.00 per gallon, a $1.00 increase.  Any surcharge increase or decrease will take effect seven (7) days after the taxi industry has been notified of a change.  Notification must be posted in all taxicabs and in plain view of passengers.