Comprehensive Plan Status Report

The Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan Status Report has been prepared to highlight the progress and accomplishments of the process in preparing e a new comprehensive plan since the official start of this initiative in February 2009. 

Through the efforts of the City’s Department of Planning and Community Development in conjunction with the City’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and community volunteers, opportunities were provided for public participation to help shape the contents of a new comprehensive plan for the city. This document imparts the insights and desires on the future growth and development of Mount Vernon as expressed during public meetings, at focused stakeholder sessions, and in the results of a communitywide survey.

These comments have guided the Department of Planning and Community Development in determining a number of strategies for the creation of a new comprehensive plan for Mount Vernon including the:
Selection of planning themes for the city;
Identification of planning intensity areas with the city;
Creation of specific actions to guide future development;
Organization of the components of the plan; and
Seeking of financial resources to complete the plan.

The ultimate goal in preparing this status report is to provide a guide for drafting the City’s new comprehensive plan by validating and expanding upon the range of physical planning goals and objectives which were identified by community at large to date in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner.

This report is organized using the proposed outline for the contents of the City’s new comprehensive plan.  Each item will be explained through statements on their  purpose, conclusions reached, proposed actions identified, associated planning document references.

Download the Comprehensive Plan Status Report Here:

Status Report