A.B. Davis Safe Routes to School Workshop Final Report

On Tuesday, October 20, 2009 approximately 34 community members, including City, County, and school officials, gathered at A.B. Davis Middle School to participate in a Safe Routes to School Workshop led by Mike Dannemiller, Senior Planner and Tiffany Robinson, Planner at The RBA Group. The goal of the workshop was to jumpstart developing a Safe Routes to School program for the A.B. Davis Middle School for a safer and healthier school commute. A SRTS program integrates each of the Five E‟s, addressing a wide variety of topics relevant to journeys to and from school within a municipality, district or school. The decision to start a SRTS program requires pro-active interest of at least an individual person or a small group of people in the community, including parents, teachers, school board members or municipal officials who understand the numerous benefits of bicycle and pedestrian access to schools. The Westchester County DOT held the workshop in a half-day format to bring these community members together around a common concern and to engage them in the beginning stages of the planning process.

To achieve the goal of the workshop, the agenda included:

  • Providing background and context of the SRTS Program and on strategies used to implement improvements
  • Discussion of the best practices of SRTS programs
  • Actively engaging community members in a discussion to develop concepts to improve bicycle/pedestrian conditions for students of A.B. Davis Middle School
  • Providing data and a plan of action for the school task force and school travel plan

Download the Final Report Here:

Safe Routes To School Mt Vernon Final Report