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NYMTC Parking Management Workshop Final Report

Parking management strategies are techniques and tools that impact demand, location, time, cost, and supply of parking. Parking management strategies result in a better use of parking and transportation resources. Implementation of parking management strategies at a local level can enhance economic vitality, provide project mitigation and improve traffic circulation. At the regional level, the utilization of parking management strategies collectively improves regional transportation, air quality, and urban design.

On April 28, 2009, The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) in collaboration with the City of Mount Vernon and Westchester County sponsored a parking management workshop. The workshop was part of a series of workshops organized by NYMTC.  The workshops were a collaborative process based upon a community driven approach that involved the development of win-win projects, customized programs, maximization of economic incentives, creative employee parking programs and use of viable commute options. In all cases, a key element in a parking management plan is to identify who should be using the best parking spaces (such as customers, residents, owners, or employees)—identification of the primary target audience and user of the best parking spaces. The NYMTC parking program recommends a comprehensive on-street and off-street parking program that uses appropriate strategies to better use parking resources.

Download the Final Report here:

Downtown Parking Management Workshop Final Report