Today, Mount Vernon is a city at risk. The city is facing crippling fines and tax hikes because of a 15-year failure to comply with the Clean Water Act. The city has missed repeated deadlines to address pollution caused by its sewers and storm drains. The current problem is that the City Council and Comptroller won’t pay for the resources needed to clean the water and get us into federal compliance.

The timeline goes back to 2003 when Mount Vernon began developing a plan to “detect and illicit discharges into its waterways.” The Environmental Protection Agency and the State of New York have taken the position that Mount Vernon has an approved plan to fix the sewers which is the set of requirements detailed in 2003 permit and subsequent consent orders.

Until the city acts, we will continue to risk significant fines and penalties.

  • Mount Vernon Clean and Green Initiative – click here for the detailed presentation.




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