Mayor Thomas Reports

Agendas and Minutes


Mayor Richard Thomas Speaks at Comptroller Reynolds’ Swearing In 


City of Mount Vernon Financial Statements – 2014

City of Mount Vernon Financial Statements – 2015


Court Orders

Hon. Charles D. Wood – October 13, 2017

December 18th decision and order in City of Mount Vernon vs. Creative Direction Construction and Design



South Fourth Avenue Corridor Plan

Mount Vernon’s Clean & Green Initiative

Court case against Andre Wallace, Marcus Griffith for harassing employees

Restraining Order Issued by Judge Against Andre Wallace, Marcus Griffith, et al.

Maureen Fights Transparency

Urban Renewal Agency Resolution

Court Ruling on Executive Authority

Mayor’s Request for Transparency Legislative Packet

Mount Vernon Zoning Information

Mount Vernon Police Department Urges Funding Support for New Police Officers

City of Mount Vernon – MTA Working Together To Fix Our Bridges

Mayor Thomas’ Quality Control Review of City Expenditures

Raise the Age Policy Paper

Preparing for Winter Storm “Stella”

City Faces Fuel Shortage – Mount Vernon Urges Maureen Walker to Pay the Bills

Email From Fuel Vendor to Comptroller’s Office – 3/8/17

Emergency Memo to Comptroller Walker – from Mount Vernon Department of Public Works 

Mayor Richard Thomas – Unpaid Invoices

Office of the Mayor Legislative Request Packet

Mayor Richard Thomas – 2016-2017 Budget

UPDATED Mayor Thomas – Transparency Document

Mayor Richard Thomas – Check-Gate Report

Mayor Richard Thomas – The Six Month Report

City Council Submissions

City Council Referral Packets – May 24 2017

City Council Referral Packets – May 10, 2017
City Council Referrals Packet – April 26, 2017

City Council Referrals Packet – April 12, 2017 – (2 of 2)

City Council Referrals Packet – April 12, 2017 – (1 of 2)

City Council Referrals Packet – March 22, 2017

City Council Referrals Packet – March 8, 2017

City Council Referrals Packet – February 22, 2017

City Council Referrals Packet – February 8, 2017

Legislation Packet – Human Resources

Human Resources Submission including request for monies to create 3 support staff positions (currently the department has one individual to manage the needs of over 1,000 employees)and funding to develop an employee handbook. These requests are best practices utilized by the majority of cities in our region.

Legislation Packet – Public Works
Department of Public Works Submission requesting support for urgent infrastructure investment – DPW Yard, City Hall Roof, Memorial Field tennis facility.

Pictures of Water Damage
Photos showing extensive water damage due to City Hall infrastructure deficiencies.

Letter of Legislation Request

Arcadis Letter to Mayor

Arcadis Materials List and Details

Arcadis Post Bubble Installation Report
Arcadis Engineering Report detailing structural deficiencies at the Memorial Field tennis center and the need to rectify them. Current costs estimates for repair are over $2 million.

Public Safety Legislation Request
Department of Public Safety submission request. The Department is requesting a Police Commissioner, the restoration of officer positions, technology upgrades to better facilitate the new collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, and other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and investment in fleet vehicles to replace aging stock.



Mayor Richard Thomas – Get Your Permit in 65 Days or Less

Mayor Richard Thomas – Mount Vernon Overtaxed and Under Served

Mayor Richard Thomas – What is Fund Balance?

Mayor Richard Thomas – Fund Balance Level

Mayor Richard Thomas – Small Business Incubator – Project: Beehive

Mayor Richard Thomas – Budget Analysis: Then & Now

Mayor Richard Thomas – EPA Fines & Penalties

Mayor Richard Thomas – Buying Property in Mount Vernon

Mayor Richard Thomas – Grow Mount Vernon

Mayor Richard Thomas – Small Business Growth


August 2, 2016 – 2016 Annual Estimate

November 3, 2016 – Legal Memo on Board of Estimate

August 4, 2017 – DOJ Notice of Intent to Sue

January EPA Consent Order

Letter from Comptroller Reynolds on IDA Board Seat





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