Water Supply

Benjamin O. Marable
Water Commissioner

The Board of Water Supply owns and maintains approximately 105 miles of mains and 1,140 fire hydrants. Its primary responsibility is to provide an adequate supply of safe, potable water for domestic, industrial and fire-fighting purposes. All activities arise from and lead back to that simple mandate.

Annual WaterQuality Reports
Documents, Forms & Fees

Individual functions include:

  • Monitor water quality and treat with chlorine and other chemicals to ensure that it is safe to drink.
  • Collect samples for analysis on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis as required in order to comply with Part 5 of the New York State Sanitary Code.
  • Prepare reports to be submitted to the local and / or State Health Department on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis also in compliance with the requirements of the Sanitary Code.
  • Prepare and distribute Annual Water Quality Report to inform residents about the water they drink.
  • Maintain, repair, or replace hydrants as needed.
  • Make taps for domestic or industrial customers as required.
  • Investigate main leaks and repair.
  • Investigate service line leaks and repair leaking services from the main to the curb valve. (Customer is responsible from the curb valve to the meter.)
  • Maintain or replace water meters to insure accurate billing.
  • Conduct Annual Hydrant Flushing Program to remove sediments from the main.
  • Conduct Valve Exercising Program as a means to evaluate defective valves in the system so they can be repaired or replaced. This will ensure proper operation in an emergency.
  • Read meters and generate bills. Investigate cause of unusually high or low bills.


Documents, Forms and Fees

The Board of Water Supply Application for Service

Board of Water Supply Application for Service

Installation of Service Line

Installation of Service Line


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Water Quality Report for 2014 now available.

From News 12 – 5/7/2015 (via news.google.com) WHITE PLAINS – Mount Vernon’s water was voted the best tasting in Westchester County at the annual tap water competition in downtown White Plains. The “sip-off” allowed spectators to sample and rate water samples without knowing which area of the county each sample came from. Mount Vernon received […]

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The major storm heading toward our area is expected to hit hard later this evening. There’s still a little time to get out and pick up essentials and run a few errands before the worst of the weather hits us. Mayor Ernest D. Davis has issued a State of Emergency effective for 5 pm this […]

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The Board of Water Supply reports that the water main break affecting citywide service yesterday has been fully repaired. Water is flowing at normal levels.

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The Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply is in the process of evaluating a major water main break on South Fulton Avenue. THIS BREAK IS AFFECTING CITYWIDE SERVICE. Residents may experience discolored water coming from taps. The discoloration is not dangerous but residents are urged not to drink, bathe or wash clothing with this water […]

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