Community Garden Program

Building the Community Garden

The City of Mount Vernon Department of Planning and Community Development, through the Construction Trades program have developed the Community Gardens Program for the Residents of the City.  The award-winning Community Gardens Program functions as a multifaceted investment in the community that works to meet the following goals:
  • Provide residents with an opportunity to learn about sustainable local gardening practices
  • Provide youth with an opportunity to learn about the value of environmental stewardship
  • Provide opportunities for Construction Trades training for program participants
  • Provide fresh fruits and vegetables to a local food pantry

Through this program, the City has worked with Graham School  and Levister Towers to build a garden for those community partners, as well as building a City-run garden on the Third Street Fire House lawn located on 3rd street and 7th Avenue.  Assistance provided by the City in developing and building these gardens have run from the Planning phase through Implementation.  For the Levister Towers garden, this included the creation of 3D renderings to give residents a perspective on what the garden would look like once completed and construction and materials assistance.

If you would like to inquire about developing a community garden in your neighborhood, please contact Mary Fleming, Program Coordinator at or at 914-699-7230.


Summer Harvest for the Food Pantry


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