Department of Planning & Community Development

Staff Listing

Position Contact Person Phone Number 
Planning & Community  Development Commissioner Chantelle Okarter, Esq. 914-699-7230
Commissioner’s              Executive Secretary Shaniece Johnson 914-699-7230
Deputy Commissioner Sylvia Bolivar 914-699-7230
Deputy Commissioner Marlon Molina 914-699-7230
Architectural Planner William Long 914-699-7230
Land Use Boards Secretary Linda Miranda 914-699-7230
Grants Administrator Steve Lawrence 914-699-7230
Continuum of Care            Housing Inspector Lakia Perkins 914-699-7230
Accountant Elaine Plunkett 914-699-7230
Finance Director Melinda Williamson 914-699-7230
Senior Bookkeeper Marleen Dandridge 914-699-7230
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