City Clerk

George Brown
George Brown

City Clerk
Lauren Carter
Lauren Carter
Deputy Clerk

As the Office of Records Management, the City Clerk’s Office is involved with many aspects of city government including the City Council, our legislative body, and The Board of Estimate and Contract, which approves city expenditures.

The City Clerk’s Office is also known as the Licensing Bureau. Over 91 different types of City and New York State licenses and permits are issued to individuals and businesses.  In addition, Primary and General Elections for the City of Mount Vernon are coordinated by the City Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk, as Registrar, is responsible for maintaining Mount Vernon’s Birth and Death Records.

Cable TV Advisory Board
Documents, Forms & Fees
Taxicab Commission
Municipal Code

The City Clerk must attend all formal meetings of The City Council and Board of Estimate and Contract, and be responsible for journalizing interdepartmental referrals and all general correspondence relating to such meetings.  As the main “Information Center” of city government, the staff of the City Clerk Office handles thousands of inquiries from the public, both in person and over the telephone. The Deputy City Clerk, Legislative Aide and Secretary to the City Clerk are Commissioners of Deeds. The City Clerk is a notary public. Thousands of documents are notarized free of charge for the public each year.

The City Clerk is also the Records Management Officer for the City of Mount Vernon and is responsible for the disposition and retention of all records.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining vital records pertaining to births and deaths occurring in the City of Mount Vernon. Birth records are maintained from 1886 to the present and death records are maintained from 1885 to the present.

Individuals needing certified copies of these records for such diverse purposes as passports, school entrance, proof of citizenship for job applications, license applications, organized sports, insurance or governmental benefits, can obtain certificates. Requests can be made in person or by mail. All requests must be accompanied with proper identification and applicable fees.

Generally, the records are available only to the individual or a member of his or her immediate family (for example, a birth certificate is available to both the individual and to a child’s parents, and a death certificate is available to the surviving spouse, parent or child of a deceased person). New York State Public Health Law (Article 41) generally governs the release of these records in New York State outside of New York City. Parents wishing to change the names of their children can obtain documents required for filing with the New York State Department of Health in the local office.

Cable Television Advisory Board

The Mount Vernon Cable Television Advisory Board was organized in 1983 to stimulate and facilitate community use if the electronic media.


Robert Kingsberry
Kevin McGrew
Ronald Detres
Maxine Greene
Jonathan Weaver
Jeff Corsello
Raymond Malcolm

The Advisory Board consists of nine members, serving one and two year renewable terms, representing the Mount Vernon community. Four members are appointed by the City Council, two members are appointed by the Mayor, two members are appointed by the Mount Vernon Board of Education, and a representative from the cable franchise holds the remaining seat. Members serve without compensation. Elected officials are not members of the Board.  The Board is authorized and empowered to do the following:

  • To seek the advice, representation and participation of all citizens, organizations and groups which comprise the Mount Vernon community, including representatives of all socioeconomic levels.
  • To make special efforts to ensure that the telecommunications needs of group. Which heretofore have traditionally not had the opportunity to use such facilities, are considered, and to continually investigate various means of meeting such needs.
  • To work in cooperation with the cable franchise holder in Mount Vernon to make a local access studio and equipment available to the public.
  • To work with the cable franchise holder in Mount Vernon to seek out and encourage public access use by all citizens and groups in Mount Vernon.
  • To make every effort to ensure that persons seeking to produce programming representing any and all points of view will be permitted to use the facilities and that such programming will be consistent with the Constitutional guaranties of speech and the laws of the United States and the State of New York.
  • To take such steps and undertake such programs as will enhance and foster the aforementioned objectives and to ensure quality programming for this community.

Those citizens wishing to address concerns to the Cable Television Advisory Board should contact the Office of the City Clerk.

Mount Vernon Taxicab Commission


Sophia L. Trott, Esq.
Bishop William Ewell
George W. Brown
Myrna Merchant
Michael Paulerico
Capt. Roy Hastings
Phaton Lyons
Tyrone White
Robert DeBenedictis

The Mount Vernon Taxicab Commission conducts research into the use of taxicabs within the City of Mount Vernon. The Commission reviews the provisions of Chapter 237 of the Code of the City of Mount Vernon entitled “Taxicabs” and makes recommendations to the City Council about taxi fares, zones, accommodations for seniors and the disabled, vehicle identification, vehicle inspection and the numbers and type of taxicab licenses issued. The Commission has the additional responsibility to conduct research into the use of taxicabs within the City of Mount Vernon utilizing the advice and participation of all citizens, organizations and groups within the City of Mount Vernon.

Taxicab Drivers and Owners

The Commission also conducts hearings to which applicants for licenses may be entitled including appeals of revocation, suspension and cancellation of a taxi driver’s license or taxicab license that is not the result of a judicial conviction. The Appellate Review Procedure

  • The licensee shall file an appeal with the Taxi Commission within ten (10) business days after the date of decision or determination complained of on a written form prescribed by the Commissioner.
  • The Commission shall schedule and hold a hearing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the appeal.
  • The Commission shall in each case render a decision within (30) days from the date of oral argument, which may affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify or reverse the determination appealed from.
  • The Commission may grant a new hearing upon written request on a form prescribed by the Commission, which shall include a statement of the reason therefore filed with the Commission when it shall appear that the ground is either newly discovered evidence or fraud, or both. Appeals of the Commission’s determination shall be pursuant to Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules.

Taxicab Consumers

Consumers of taxicabs having problems may file complaints with the Taxicab Commission at the Office of the City Clerk, Room 104, 1 Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, New York 10550. Complaints must be in writing identifying the company complained of, driver’s license number or car plate number.


Marriage License

Valid only in New York State

1. Couple must come to Office of the City Clerk, Room 104

Hours & Days: 9:00 A.M. TO 3:30 P.M., Monday thru Friday (Closed on weekends and holidays).

The fee is $40, Cash or Money Order only.

2. Identification required for both parties:

a)  Certified (raised seal) Long Form (one with both parents names) Birth Certificate . If the form is in a foreign language, a certified English translation must accompany original)

b) Government Issued Picture ID (choose one of the following)

- current Driver’s License (U.S. only)

- current State Non-Driver’s License I.D. issued by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles

- valid Passport

- original Naturalization Papers

- U.S. Military photo I.D.

c) Proof of current address

3. If this is not your first marriage, you will need the following:

a) Original or certified copies of all divorces/annulments/death documents

If you have additional questions please phone the office of the Mount Vernon City Clerk (914)665-2348 during business hours.

License is valid after 24 hours and good for 60 days.

Request for Marriage Certification

(please note: this form must be notarized, driver license copies will no longer be accepted)

Birth or Death Certificates

In order to receive a certificate of birth or death the person must have been born or died in the City of Mount Vernon. You should be prepared to provide the name of the individual and the date of death or birth of the individual whose name is on the certificate.  The fee is $10.00. Genealogy copies are $11.00.

Who is eligible to obtain a death certificate copy?  The spouse, parent or child or sibling of the deceased. You must be able to produce proof of your relationship to the deceased when applying for the copy.

Who is eligible to obtain a genealogy death certificate copy? Anyone can request once the death certificate is over 75 years.

Who else is eligible?  Other persons who have a:

  • Documented lawful right or claim
  • Documented medical need
  • New York State Court Order

may be eligible.

Request for Birth Certificate

Request for Death Certificate

Bingo Licenses

Bingo/Occasion $25.00
Games of Chance/Occasion $25.00
Bell Jar/Year $25.00
Commercial Lessor License/Year $25.00
Additional Bingo License 3% Net Proceeds
Additional Fee – Games of Chance 5% Net Proceeds
Additional Fee – Bell Jar 2% Net Proceeds
Commercial Lessor Agreement Fee Variable



Dog Licenses

UN-Neutered Dog – Under 6 Months $7.50
UN-Neutered Dog License $10.50
Neutered Dog License $2.50
Lost Dog Tag $3.00



Taxi Licenses

Original Taxi Driver License $40.00
Renewal Taxi Driver License $40.00
Original Taxi Owner License $500.00
Prorated Taxi Owner License – Per Month $41.67
Renewal Taxi Owner License Variable
Taxi Owner License Transfer $10.00
Driver Badges - Lost License $10.00
Taxi Renewal Late Fees $1.00 to $10.00

Peddler’s Licenses

Peddler’s License – Truck or Vehicle $200.00
Peddler’s License – Cart/Carry/Stand $100.00
Peddler License – Veteran No Charge
Peddler Badge Card $10.00

Miscellaneous Licenses

Junk License $150.00
Going Out of Business/Month $25.00
Transient Merchant/Month $25.00
Film on City Property/Day $500.00
Curb Lowering Permits/Linear Foot $10.00
Circular Distribution License $100.00
Auctioneer License $200.00
Auction Permit – Per Day $100.00
Amusement Device/Per Device $100.00
Amusement Device – Prorated After 6 Months/Device $50.00
Amusement Device – Temporary Per Device $10.00
Jukebox/Device $30.00
Jukebox – Prorated After 6 Months/Device $15.00
Theatre License – One Performance $15.00 - $62.50
Theatre License – 6 Months $62.50
Theatre License – 6 Months to 1 Year $125.00
Auto Wrecker License $150.00
Pawn Broker/Year $350.00
Street Sidewalk Obstruction (Min. $75.00 Charge) $5.00/Linear Foot
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Table: $60.00 Chair: $10.00
Sidewalk Display/Year $360.00
Private Carting License/Vehicle $180.00
Tow Truck Owner License $80.00
Tow Truck Driver License $20.00
Towing from Parking Lot Permit $100.00
Private Parking Lot - 25 Vehicles or Less/Year $50.00
Private Parking Lot – 26 to 50 Vehicles/Year $100.00
Private Parking Lot – 51 to 99 Vehicles/Year $150.00
Private Parking Lot – More Than 100 $200.00
Dance Hall – Under 6 Months $25.00
Dance Hall – Over 6 Months to 1 Year $50.00
Solicitor’s License– 3 Months or Less $7.50
Solicitor’s License – 3 to 6 Months $15.00
Solicitor’s License – 6 Months to 1 Year $25.00
Solicitor’s Identification $2.00
Sound Truck Permit/Day $5.00
Parade/Procession or Motorcade Permit $100.00
Relig/Political Parade/Procession or Motorcade Permit No Charge
Social Club License/Year $250.00
City Street Opening $350.00

City Maps, Charters and Codes

General Ordinance – Code Book LINK TO E-CODE
Housing Code/Page LINK TO E-CODE
Fire Prevention Book LINK TO E-CODE
Zoning Ordinance Book ($4 P/H Charge if Mailed) LINK TO E-CODE
City Charter LINK TO E-CODE
Small Street or Election Map $5.00
Large Street or Election Map $10.00
Small Zoning Map $10.00
Large Zoning Map $20.00



Can I pick up a birth or death certificate for my aunt, uncle, cousin, grand-daughter, etc?

No. Birth and death records can only be obtained by immediate family members or the person themselves, in the case of a birth.

I need to change the name of my child. What should I do?

Both parents must complete the appropriate forms. Each parent must have two unrelated witnesses sign the form and have them notarized. Completed forms must be returned to the Office or Vital Statistics, Room 115. 

I need to do a genealogical search. Can your office help me?

Birth and death record searches can be done, but may take time. Depending on the extent of the search, one to two weeks may be required for the search to be completed. Download Death Certificate/Genealogical Form. The fee is $11.00. Genealogical searches are only conducted for deaths/births that have occurred after 75 years.

Death Certificate Form (Check box for Genealogical Search and enclose money order for $11.00. The form needs to be notarized)


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