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The Board of Water Supply reports that the water main break affecting citywide service yesterday has been fully repaired. Water is flowing at normal levels.


The Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply is in the process of evaluating a major water main break on South Fulton Avenue. THIS BREAK IS AFFECTING CITYWIDE SERVICE.

Residents may experience discolored water coming from taps. The discoloration is not dangerous but residents are urged not to drink, bathe or wash clothing with this water until further notice.



It’s official! Mount Vernon has the best tasting water in the county. Taste testers picked the City’s Board of Water Supply for top taste in the Westchester County Department of Health’s annual municipal water taste contest in front of the Michaelian Office Building in White Plains.

Mount Vernon entered the contest for the first time in fifteen years, confident that the city’s drinking water would fare well.  In the end Mount Vernon beat out last year’s winner,  Cortlandt Consolidated Water District.

Congratulations to the Board of Water Supply for winning gulps ahead of the rest of contestants. Now it’s on to the New York State finals.


Property Owner Reminder – Hydrant Flushing Throughout the City Until May 10

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Property owners should have received notice in their water bills that the Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply would begin its annual hydrant flushing and  required hydrant flow tests throughout the city this month. Renters are reminded that it is the landlord’s responsibility to inform tenants of this annual procedure to improve the quality of water we deliver to customers.

The flushing involves some nighttime and some early morning flushing to minimize the impact in several critical areas.  The balance and larger portion of this program will be from 9:00 A.M.to3:00 P.M.Monday through Friday.

The flushing of these hydrants may cause discolored water.  This discoloration represents no health hazard.  Nevertheless, it is recommended that you check the water before using it for things such as cooking, drinking, washing clothes, etc. Flushing is necessary to rid water mains of accumulated rust and sediment.

Please check our schedule to see when flushing will occur in your neighborhood. For answers to your questions  or to know the approximate flushing time in your area, call the Board of Water Supply at (914) 668-7820. We will be happy to assist you.

Hydrant flushing is expected to be completed by May 10, 2013.





The major storm heading toward our area is expected to hit hard later this afternoon. There’s still time to get out and pick up essentials and run a few errands before the worst of the weather hits us.

High winds and low visibility during projected whiteout conditions will make driving and walking dangerous. The city is encouraging motorists to stay off of the roads during the height of the storm and is encouraging everyone to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necesarry to go outdoors. Alternate side of the street parking has been suspended. The Doles Community Center and Armory Senior Programs will close today at 1:00 p.m.

In addition the city is reminding residents to take the following actions during the storm:

  • Keep hydrants cleared in your neighborhood. Shovel out and dig around hydrants so Fire Department personnel can quickly respond in the event of an emergency. This simple precaution can save lives and property.
  • Don’t park vehicles too far from the curb. Vehicles jutting out into the roadway, especially on narrow streets, prevent emergency vehicles and street cleaning crews from doing their jobs.
  • Don’t shovel snow into the street.  It is a violation of city code to do so. The Police Department will be strictly enforcing this rule.  When shoveling out a vehicle, pile snow on sidewalk side, in front of or behind your vehicle and never in the street. 
  • Locate and mark your home heating oil fuel line. Place an overturned can over the fuel cap in the event you need a delivery. Trying to find a buried fuel cap can be like looking for a needle in a haystack after a heavy snowstorm.
  • Shovel snow with precaution. Water filled and accumulated snow can be very heavy. Take precautions to protect yourself when shoveling snow especially for those with existing heart disease, a history of stroke, or those in poor physical condition. If you have to shovel, clear snow in stages, take frequent breaks,  don’t eat a heavy meal right before or right after shoveling and don’t drink alcohol right before or right after shoveling. Use a small shovel if you must do it yourself or just hire someone else to do it for you.
  • Have emergency preparedness kits handy. In the event of power loss due to expected high winds, make sure you are adequately prepared. Flashlights, batteries, food, bottled water and a radio are helpful items to have on hand. Assemble the medications you need and put them in a bag that can be picked up in the event you have to leave your home.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers on hand. Update your contact numbers before the storm hits. Charge up cellular phones and keep fully charged spare batteries on hand in the event of power a failure.


            POLICE DEPARTMENT – 914-665-2500

            FIRE DEPARTMENT – 914-665-2626

            PUBLIC WORKS STORM EMERGENCIES914-665-2460

            WATER DEPARTMENT – 914-668-3528


Public Notice – Important Information About Your Drinking Water

Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply




Treatment Technique Requirement Was Not Met


Our Water System recently violated a drinking water requirement. Although this is not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened, what you should do and what was done to correct this situation.

During Hurricane Sandy, for a period of approximately 1½ hours during the late evening of October 29, 2012 and early morning hours of October 30th, the turbidity from the New York City (NYC) Water System (our source of water), exceeded the 5 Nephelometric Turbidity Unit (NTU) Maximum Turbidity Treatment Technique Performance Standard for Surface Water Systems operating under Filtration Avoidance. Normal turbidity levels on our source water are Less Than 1 NTU. Monitoring samples collected during this event showed levels of 6.6 NTU from the NYC Water system at our Entry Point. Turbidity, a measure of water clarity, has no health effects; its source is soil runoff. However, elevated turbidity can interfere with disinfection and provide a medium for microbial growth. Although subsequent monitoring indicated this elevated turbidity only lasted approximately 1½ hours, turbidity may indicate the presence of disease-causing organisms.


What was done to correct the situation?

The NYC Water System implemented operational changes the night of October 29th to reduce their elevated source water turbidity levels. Water sampling performed the morning of October 30th indicated that all Entry Point turbidity

levels returned back into compliance, below the 5 NTU level, after approximately 1½ hours. Throughout the event, personnel closely monitored the source water chlorine residuals coming in from NYC Water System to ensure that the Contact Time Inactivation Ratio for the inactivation of Giardia lamblia cysts and viruses was satisfactorily achieved before the water reached our 1st customer. As a precautionary measure, Entry Point disinfectant (chlorine) residuals were increased to enhance the effectiveness of disinfection. In addition, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection has reported that all the source water provided us during this event was also treated with UV light, which provided a secondary level of disinfection against potentially harmful microbiological contaminants such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Finally, routine water quality sampling following this event have not detected the presence of disease-causing organisms.


What does this mean?

This is not an emergency. If it had been, you would have been notified within 24 hours. This incident constitutes a treatment technique violation as specified in the Code of Federal Regulation (40CFR§141.71(c) (2)(i) and the New York State Sanitary Code Part 5, Subpart 5-1, Section 5-1.30(c) (2). The State has determined that this violation was not a public health hazard but does require Public Notification.


What should I do?

There is nothing you need to do. You do not need to boil your water or take other actions. We do not know of any contamination and none of our testing conducted throughout our Water System following this event has shown disease-causing organisms in the drinking water. However, State and Federal drinking water regulations require public notification that includes the following language: If you have a severely compromised immune system, have an infant, are pregnant, or are elderly, you may be at increased risk and should seek the advice from your health care provider about drinking this water. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791. These microbes include bacteria, viruses and parasites which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea and associated headaches. Note, these symptoms are not caused only by microbes in drinking water. If you experience any of these symptoms and they persist, you may want to seek medical advice.

For more information, please contact the Board of Water Supply at (914) 668-7820. Landlords and businesses please share this information with other users at this location. This notice is being sent to you by the Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply, NY State Water System ID#5903441. Date of Notice January 31, 2013.

Download Notice

City Council Meetings on Adopting 2013 Annual Estimate Cancelled – 12/27/2012

Please be advised that City Council meetings concerning Adopting 2013 Annual Estimate scheduled for Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. and Friday December 28, 2012 AT 7:00 p.m. have been CANCELLED.


The Mount Vernon Fire Department is uring residents to put “Safety First” this holiday season. Recognizing that the season is a time when family and friends get together, to have a good time and enjoy one another’s company, think about giving gifts that can help keep them safe. Consider gifting someone you know a quality fire extinguisher, flashlight and batteries or light sticks. A first-aid kit, carbon Monoxide detector, mobile phone or second floor escape ladder are also neat stocking stuffers.


Mount Vernon will celebrate the holiday season in City Hall Plaza on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. Mayor Ernest D. Davis hopes the celebration will help residents get into the spirit this holiday season. “It’s been a tough year for so many people. This is the season when we all need to spread as much cheer as we can,” said Mayor Davis.

This year’s holiday tree was donated by American Christmas, a Mount Vernon design company responsible for magnificent displays at such notable retailers as Saks Fifth Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Rockefeller Center, J Crew, and dozens of other well-known retail and entertainment venues. Besides the 20 foot tree decorated with LED lights standing in front of City Hall, American Christmas also generously decorated trees for the police and fire departments.

Santa will be on hand to greet youngsters and a special appearance by the colorfully attired “Three Kings,” wise men of biblical teachings that are popular in the Spanish speaking countries.  Three Kings are supposed to represent the journey from distant lands to Bethlehem while bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh upon the birth of baby Jesus.

Holiday performances will be provided by the Columbus School Band, The Westchester Marching Cobras, Young at Arts and the Mayor’s Interfaith Choir.

In the event of rain, the festivities will be held on the ground floor of city hall.



The Mount Vernon Board of Water Supply reports a water main break on Grandview and Vernon Avenues. Crews are currently on site to excavate, inspect the extent of damage and repair the main. Customers in the immediate vicinity of the break have been notified that their water has been temporarily cut off. All other customers may notice brown or cloudy water coming from their tap. If so, they should not use appliances or drink the water until it runs clear.





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