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2018 Mount Vernon Arts, Culture & Heritage Master Plan

Canal Village Report

South Fourth Avenue Corridor Plan

The South Fourth Avenue Study is an area-wide comprehensive plan for this area and identifies ways in which the community would like to economically revitalize these two-blocks while infusing current market needs into a policy document. The area-wide plan reviews existing assets within the area to determine the most effective and efficient ways to maximize its use in order to stabilize property values. The plan creates a vision for the area to increase the economic activity which occurs and capture the economic leakage which continues to decrease the City’s vitality. The vision includes recommendations for land use policies, contextual zoning, capital improvements, parking practices, economic development strategies for business attraction, retention and expansion. The vision further describes a marketing campaign for the area to create a greater sense of place. These suggestions incorporate economic and environmental sustainability, smart growth principles, complete streets and other current planning themes so that the area may grow in an appropriate manner.

Download the Plan Here

City of Mount Vernon Updated Zoning Map

The City of Mount Vernon Zoning Map has been updated to conform (where possible) to the tax parcel base map of the City.

Download the updated zoning map here


City of Mount Vernon, New York: EMERGENCY CONTACT #s

City of Mount Vernon, New York – RICHARD THOMAS, MAYOR



LIFE THREATENING                            911

Non-Life Threatening                             211 (open 9am-7pm Saturday & Sunday)

City Back-Up/Command Center           914-665-2300

DSS/Department of Social Services     914-995-2099

United Way                                                211  -or-  800-899-1479

Westchester Emergency Center             914-864-5450


  • Do not block fire hydrants – Cleaning around fire hydrants will also assist greatly in case of emergency.
  • Do not shovel snow in streets. Use the “tree lawn”, the area between curb and sidewalk, to place snow.



DGEIS on Senior Floating Overlay Zone available for public review

On September 25, 2013, the City Council accepted the attached Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) as complete for the purpose of continuing the environmental review of the proposal to create a new RMF-SC Multi-Family Senior Citizen Housing Floating Overlay Zone. The City Council will hold a public hearing on the DGEIS on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. In addition, written comments are requested and will be accepted by the Office of the City Clerk until 5:00 p.m. October 28, 2013.    

 Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement

 DGEIS Appendices A-H

DGEIS Appendix I

DGEIS Appendix J part 1

DGEIS Appendix J part 2

DGEIS Appendix K

Notice of Completion For DGEIS

Updated Draft Parcel Based Zoning Map now available online

The Department of Planning and Community Development in collaboration with the Department of Buildings have created a Draft Parcel-Based Zoning Map for public viewing.  The current Zoning Map is being updated to conform (where possible) to the tax parcel base map of the City.  The update to the Zoning Map is still ongoing; therefore, the following map is to be considered a preliminary draft, and not legally binding. 

Download the map here:

Draft Parcel-Based Zoning Map

For any questions regarding the Draft Zoning Map, please see the Department of Buildings or email Jaime Martinez in the Department of Planning and Community Development at

Mount Vernon Citywide Marketing Study

The City of Mount Vernon, through it consultation with HR&A Associates, has released a citywide demographic, market and development study.  The study identifies market niches and existing specialized businesses in Mount Vernon for expansion, and explores ways to enhance those niches, while attracting new businesses into the City.  The study also included a gap (leakage) analysis on a regional scale, examining where local residents are going to shop. Additionally, the City’s demographics, infrastructure and socio-economic factors were evaluated to provide data for commercial enterprises to perform cost-benefit analysis related to their potential for growth and development in Mount Vernon.

“I am pleased the results of this study both highlight and validate that Mount Vernon has the  physical and social attributes to support the further growth of its economic base in a way that reflects smart growth patterns and will benefit the lives of its residents and visitors.” said Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr.

 Key findings of the study emphasize the City of Mount Vernon’s significant assets that appeal to developers and investors such as:

  • Higher household incomes than similar urban areas in the New York region
  • Significant local market demand as one of the most densely populated cities in the United States
  • Three Metro-North Stations and the multiple opportunities for Transit Oriented Development within their vicinity.

 The study determined that while 40% of Mount Vernon resident and worker spending currently occurs outside of the city (representing a $205 million untapped retail potential each year) increasing local spending opportunity would be achievable by the City’s pursuit of the following: 

  • Bolstering the identity of Downtown Mount Vernon
  • Fostering Transit Oriented Development opportunities
  • Enhancing the City’s economic development capacity
  • Creating a Downtown Business Improvement District

To view the report, download here:

Citywide Marketing Study

Printed copies of the report are available for viewing at the offices of the City’s Department of Planning and Community Development and the City Clerk (both located in Mount Vernon City Hall) in addition to the Mount Vernon Public Library, located at 28 South First Avenue.

If you would like to provide comments, please email at before 5pm, November 30, 2011.

Comprehensive Plan Status Report

The Mount Vernon Comprehensive Plan Status Report has been prepared to highlight the progress and accomplishments of the process in preparing e a new comprehensive plan since the official start of this initiative in February 2009. 

Through the efforts of the City’s Department of Planning and Community Development in conjunction with the City’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and community volunteers, opportunities were provided for public participation to help shape the contents of a new comprehensive plan for the city. This document imparts the insights and desires on the future growth and development of Mount Vernon as expressed during public meetings, at focused stakeholder sessions, and in the results of a communitywide survey.

These comments have guided the Department of Planning and Community Development in determining a number of strategies for the creation of a new comprehensive plan for Mount Vernon including the:
Selection of planning themes for the city;
Identification of planning intensity areas with the city;
Creation of specific actions to guide future development;
Organization of the components of the plan; and
Seeking of financial resources to complete the plan.

The ultimate goal in preparing this status report is to provide a guide for drafting the City’s new comprehensive plan by validating and expanding upon the range of physical planning goals and objectives which were identified by community at large to date in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner.

This report is organized using the proposed outline for the contents of the City’s new comprehensive plan.  Each item will be explained through statements on their  purpose, conclusions reached, proposed actions identified, associated planning document references.

Download the Comprehensive Plan Status Report Here:

Status Report

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