City Council

The City Council consists of five representatives, one of which is the City Council President. Each council member is elected at large and therefore, represents all of the citizens of the city.




City Council President

Roberta Apuzzo (D)


City Council President Pro Tem

Richard Thomas (D)


City Council  Acting President Pro Tem

Marcus A. Griffith (D)


City Councilperson

J. Yuhanna Edwards (D)


City Councilperson

Deborah Reynolds (D)


 Standing Committees Of The City Council 2014

Legislation And Public Works

Richard Thomas, Chair

Marcus A Griffith, Co-Chair

Office Of The City Clerk, Law Department, Management Services, Mayor’s Office, Charter Revision, Public Works, Railroads and Bridges, Water Department, Parks, City Property, Inspector General

Human Resources

Deborah Reynolds, Chair

Richard Thomas, Co-Chair

Health And Human Welfare, Human Rights, Senior Citizen Affairs, Recreation, Veterans Affairs, Youth Bureau, Civil Service, Memorial Field, Human Resources.

 Public Safety And Codes

J. Yuhanna Edwards, Chair

Deborah Reynolds, Co-Chair

Police Department Fire Department, Civil Defense, Buildings And Code Enforcement, Consumer Affairs, Zoning, Parking Authority, Pet Control.

 Finance And Planning

Marcus A. Griffith, Chair

J. Yuhanna Edwards, Co-Chair

Budget, Taxes and Assessment, Planning, Grants and Funded Programs, City-Owned Property (under Jurisdiction of Finance), Doles Cultural Development Center, Mount Vernon Public Library, Architectural Review Board


Revised Feb. 10, 2014

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